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  • pot holes Archived
    Please Include An Accurate Address - Bucks County
    North on Rt 309 just before off ramp at sellersville/telford exit a bunch of pot holes
  • Rt. 309 Hilltown Bucks/Mont., PA - Bucks County
    From at least the Rt. 152 entrance to Rt. 309, to the Mont. Mall,some drivers seem to think it's lawful to cruise along in the left lane at 55 mph, impeding faster traffic, refusing to move into the left lane, making other vehicles pass them on the right. Slower vehicles keep right. Not just a good idea, it's the law. Hilltown police need to enforce it.
  • Bethlehem Pike Hilltown, bucks, Pennsylvania - Bucks County
    Can't dodge this thing without using shoulder or using opposing lane.
  • Pennsylvania 309 & Lawn Ave West Rockhill, PA - Bucks County
    When getting off 309. The traffic light is way to long.
  • 100 Fairhill Road Hatfield, Pennsylvania - Bucks County
    Pothole on Fairhill rd bridge over 309. Deteriorating road surface.
  • Pennsylvania 309 Sellersville, PA 18960, USA - Bucks County
    There is an entire patch of potholes on Rt. 309 NB right before the Rt. 152 exit. It takes up the entire right lane, and extends into the left lane. The potholes are numerous, and very deep. They cause a flat tire on my car. The problem is that in high traffic there is no way to avoid them.
  • Potholes Archived
    Pennsylvania 309 Sellersville, PA 18960, USA - Bucks County
    Multiple Massive potholes in the slow lane of north bound 309 just before the Telford exit
  • Hatfield-Souderton Rd Hatfield Twp, PA - Bucks County
    When is something going to be done about this eyesore.
  • Pennsylvania 309 Hatfield, PA - Montgomery County
    Drivers on this road need to be made aware or reminded of Pennsylvania's LEFT LANE LAW, so that slower drivers keep to the right lane and the left lane is used for passing.
    Slower drivers in the left lane impede the flow of traffic and force unnecessary lane changes for those who obey the law.
  • Sellersville Bypass Sellersville, Pennsylvania - Bucks County
    SB and NB RT 309 in very poor condition please repair
  • Sellersville Bypass Telford, Pennsylvania - Bucks County
    HUGE potholes at bridge overpass on Rt 309 over E Reliance Rd. Saw TWO cars pulled over with flat tires. Hole appears to be at least 10" deep and over 24" around.
  • West Rockhill PA, USA - Bucks County
    More Craters than the Moon!