Residents of South Oak Park

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Watching issues created after: 2011-01-25

Concerned neighborhood members seeking a more equitable civic environment where families can freely interact with each other.

Notified About

  • 21st Ave 22nd Avenue Alley Sacramento, CA 95820, USA - South Oak Park
    Piled up against power pole; Includes furniture, household goods, batteries
  • 3329 22nd Avenue Sacramento, CA - South Oak Park
    Illegal Dumping of construction debris in 21st/22nd Avenue Alley (located behind 3329 22nd Avenue).
  • 3556 22nd Avenue Sacramento, CA - South Oak Park
    Trash & Debris in Vacant Property front yard. Pile of trash in gutter on adjacent corner (east of 36th street). 2 Sofas in gutter across from this property (south on 36th Street)
  • 3401 22nd Ave Sacramento, CA - South Oak Park
    A growing pile of trash and yard waste has been dumped next to the 21st/22nd Avenue Alley entrance. Please seek cleanup of this road hazard.
  • 16th And 17th R Street Sacramento, California - South Oak Park
    Potholes, rough pavement and poor lighting is the norm on most R street, but particularly bad by the Safeway store. I had a ticket opened that was closed noting the city will take a look. I think the ticket should be open until resolved even though I understand the city is going to dispatch a crew to look at issue. I guess you can only upload one image. I have several showing potholes and the poor lighting. I think it is great the city will be taking a look. I would guess all of R street will be re-paved as projects develop, but this area near Safeway and up to Bernardo's should be fixed as it could be several years before housing and commercial establishments are completed. Thank you!!!
    Reported from my mobile device
  • 3439 22nd Ave Sacramento, CA - South Oak Park
    Trash pile is forming in the street at the open lot across from 3439 22nd Ave.
  • 3900 23rd Ave Sacramento, CA 95820, USA - South Oak Park
    Garbage mound that is taking up half a lane of the street. Located on 23rd ave off of Martin Luther king. It's in front of the 4th house on the left side.
  • 3901 Fruitridge Rd Sacramento, California - South Oak Park
    2carts on sidewalks
  • 4009 32nd St Sacramento, California - South Oak Park
    Owners of dog allow it to run free in yard, gate usually left open but dog is small enough to fot thru fence. The dog will run up to you, bark unprovoked and continuously bark putside of home and throughout night. Dog relieves itself in yard with no owner responsiveness on cleaning it up. Rooster & chickens roam free in yards as well, rooster crows at all hours of the day. Child of household play amd yard full of trash (trash which they leave behind) their garbage blows into my yard amd all down the street, backyard also littered with food packaging, fast food containers, clothes, and other random trash
  • 3480 22nd Ave Sacramento, CA 95820, USA - South Oak Park
    A pile has been reported in front of an empty lot numerous times over the last few weeks by multiple parties but, has yet to be cleaned.
  • 3630 21st Ave Sacramento, California - South Oak Park
    Loud music from house most days of the week. cranked up the thumping bass 2 months ago
  • 32nd Street And 20th Ave - South Oak Park
    Trash blocking street