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  • 3803 32nd St San Diego, CA 92104, USA - North Park
    The house at this address has been "under repair" for at least 5 years, but in the last 2, nothing has been done to it except graffiti, weeds, and apathy. Nobody lives in it, and I haven't seen anybody at the property in at least 2 - I pass it 2x daily, every day. Looks terrible.
  • 8611 Balboa Ave San Diego, CA - Kearny Mesa
    The traffic lanes on Balboa Avenue between Kearny Villa Road and Ruffin Road were repaved in late 2013, but the bike lanes were left unpaved. The construction crew even repainted the white lines that now separate the smooth road from the bike lane. The bike lane is full of cracks, re-paving jobs, and potholes. It is a serious hazard to cyclists and to drivers because cyclists swerve to avoid the obstacles. Can we please have the bike lane repaved?
  • 4700 Allied Road San Diego, CA - Allied Gardens
    Road desperately in need of repaving- insane amount of potholes that create a hazard.
  • POTHOLES!! Archived
    Mira Mesa Blvd San Diego, CA - Mira Mesa
    Mira Mesa BLVD between Camino Santa Fe going East toward Flanders 2 inner lanes are filled with potholes!
  • 4852 West Mountain View Drive San Diego, CA 92116, USA - Normal Heights
    This sidewalk section is about 100 feet long and is probably impassable by wheelchair. Don't know if the street side of the driveway is the city's responsibility but its bad least fix the sidewalk please
  • 4716 34th St San Diego, CA - Normal Heights
    sidewalk has almost all deteriorated and needs to be replaced.
  • Pershing Drive & Interstate 5 San Diego, CA - Golden Hill
    This is a public safety and negative environmental impact concern. A growing number of homeless people have been illegitimately using public space to establish an encampment next to the I-5 North on-ramp (from Pershing Drive). The undergrowth in a grove of trees has been cleared out and multiple tents have been set up. The area is littered with increasing amounts of trash both within the grove and across the on-ramp in the median. Shopping carts are sometimes abandoned on or adjacent to the freeway. The growing population of homeless people living in this area of Balboa Park frequently emerge from their encampment and cross this busy freeway on-ramp, which is not only in violation of Vehicle Code Section 21960, but is also incredibly dangerous as motorists must swerve or slam on their brakes to avoid injuring these pedestrians on the freeway.
  • 2503 Norfolk St National City, CA, 91950, USA - National City
    This marron vehicle has been parked on the sidewalk for at least 3 months. tried to be neighborly and wait to see if they move it nothing! Rental Agent has changed no way to contact them
  • Broadway And Pacific Coast Highway San Diego - Core
    giant turd in middle of sidewalk!
  • 2512 Norfolk St National City CA 91950, United States - National City
    Car parked since Christmas, Alabama plates with alcohol bottle thrown on sidewalk
  • Pothole Archived
    10240 Sorrento Valley Rd San Diego, CA 92121, USA - Sorrento Valley
    4 feet in diameter pothole
  • 3491 North Mountain View Drive San Diego, CA 92116, USA - Normal Heights
    35th St and N. Mtn View - Badly broken sidewalk