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  • Huge pothole Archived
    21365 Soundview Avenue Southold, New York - Suffolk County
    Pothole on the corner of Maltby Street and Pine Street. Needs to be fixed ASAP!!!!!!!. Also, on Maltby Street smaller holes need to be filled in.
  • Dartmouth Place And Pequash Avenue Cutchogue, NY - Cutchogue
    Southold Town Police Chief says no sign is necessary since NY law requires a full stop at a T intersection even without a sign. Although the speed limit is 30 people often drive 50 MPH on Peaquash Avenue. An accident could be fATa!
  • 371-399 N Rd Southold, NY 11971, USA - Southold

    Despite several fatal accidents and some huge ugly ineffective signage and markings in the middle of the road, The edge lines on this stretch are painted two feet off the road in the parking lot. Marking the edge of the road to prevent auto - pedestrian accidents would make common sense.

    Also, painting red lines next to the existing white lines would cancel the misplaced edge lines and provide a set of pedestrian warning lines in the Southold Town colors!

  • No# Kaplan Ave - Greenport
    the kaplan ave motel\laundrymat\electrical shop\furniture repair\sinagag\warehouse was ordered closed by the state more then 7 years ago because hundreds of violations is still in operation, our bldg insp. eileen wingate refuses to make the owner fix it instead she has played realter and is activly trying to sell it even though there is zero legal uses!!! thats right for $150.000 you can by her clientout of this nightmare and then lose everything. she even has falsefied documents in the property file problem is the village, town,county,state say none of it is true or legal not to mention a supreme court order about its literaly hundreds of major code violations not to mention the guy that did all of this to the bldg is not even a qualifed handy man let alone a contracter so things like elctrical and plumbing are so sub par as to be a deadly threat plus child protective services the board of health and new york state dep of state all have ordered it empty the old owner has an apraisel the wingate has hidden from public view i.e. and buyer where it infaticly states the property is near worthless so long as the building stands on the lot which is big cause the bldg is 90% of the lot read the engineers report wingate touts it is worded carefulu very carefuly it says"the owner swears he did everything up to code" get that??? its one and only inspection (a supreme court ordered inspection)is over one inch thick and none of these violations have been corrected this is only one of more then 100 in a village a mile square. let the buyer be ware in greenport village our corrupt insp. will screw you to save her graft. i have all the documentation to prove this beyond any doubt what so ever
  • 505 Soundview Ave. mattituck, NY - Mattituck
    Please note that the street light has been out between Reeve Rd and Saltaire Way on Soundview Ave. since the hurricane in late August. Please kindly fix the light since it is not safe to drive or walk at light in such darkness.
  • Corner Pequash Avenue And Main Road Cutchogue, NY - Cutchogue
    On the east side of the intersection bushes block ones vision of oncoming traffic from the east which is almost always traveling well over the speed limit. Vision on the west side is often blocked by vehicles parked nose to Main Road in the Enterprise/Rich's parking lot.
  • Corner Of Skunk Lane And 25 Cutchogue / Suffolk, NY - Peconic
    Street Light On Corner of Skunk Lane and Rt25 in Cutchogue is out and causing pitch black turning conditions. Lights has been on throughout Sandy and is now out. Accident caused already on this blind turn.
  • 370 Harbor Road Orient, Suffolk County, NY - Orient
    well water pollution from tar oil created by Southold Town Highway Department
  • Cutchogue NY 11935, USA - Cutchogue
    Let us know how the plows did by you. (plow0112)
  • 10475 Main Road East Marion, NY - East Marion
    the street lights between 10375 and 19475 are not working properly. at 10375 the light is out totally. at 10475 it goes on and off. across from the cove beach estates road the street light is out totally.
  • Main Road East Marion, NY - Greenport West
    a few of the street lightis not working
  • Potholes Archived
    57225 Main Rd Southold, New York - Southold
    Bad potholes for about a half mile heading east towards greenport