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  • Int Terminal Blvd Norfolk - Norfolk city
    Seems that the asphalt material used to fill the holes in the concrete on Terminal
    BLVD is not durable enough to last very long. Lots of the repairs done to the road are already falling apart.
  • Interstate 64 Westbound Between Granby Street And Hrbt Norfolk, VA - Norfolk city
    There are multiple large potholes on Interstate 64 Westbound between Granby Street and HRBT, particularly in the right lane.
  • Interstate 64 Eastbound (Between Willoughby Spit & Exit 276) Norfolk, VA - Norfolk city
    There are numerous potholes of various sizes in both lanes of I-64 Eastbound between Willoughby Spit and Exit 276.
  • I-64 Eastbound Norfolk, VA - Norfolk city
    The repairs made to potholes on I-64 eastbound between the Fourth View off-ramp and the Granby Street exit are failing. The potholes are quickly returning.
  • Potholes Archived
    I-264 Norfolk, VA - Norfolk city
    I-264 needs to repaved between Norfolk and Virginia Beach
  • Newtown Rd Norfolk, VA, 23502, USA - Norfolk city
    A few tickets have been submitted for this area but for some reason no one fixes it. These holes have been here for WEEKS. Attached is a picture of several potholes, there's 2 or 3 HUGE holes behind the red car in the picture. There's TONS of holes where the southbound ramp meets Newtown, also circled.
  • potholes Archived
    Interstate 264 Norfolk, VA - Norfolk city
    There are so many potholes on I264 between Military Highway and downtown Norfolk that you are dodging one only to hit another. They are bad in both directions, but mostly in the middle and right lanes
  • 7900 Granby Street Norfolk, VA - Norfolk city
    There are several potholes on Granby Street between the I-64 Eastbound off ramp and Little Creek Road.
  • Pothole Archived
    Newtown Rd Norfolk, VA, 23502, USA - Norfolk
    A very long and deep pothole in middle of roadway.
  • Hampton Roads Beltway Norfolk, VA 23505, USA - Norfolk city
    There are several large potholes forming on I-64 westbound between Granby Street and the HRBT, especially in the area from the 4th View offramp to the bridge.
  • 600-772 Virginia 337 Norfolk, VA 23507, USA - Norfolk city

    The ramp going from Brambleton to Hampton Blvd north is horrible. Cars are continiously avoiding these large potholes. Fix this ramp!!!

    5 March - Some potholes filled but very poorly. It feels like speedbumps. There is also a large section that juts upward at the end of the ramp that hasn't been fixed. This entire ramp needs to be repaved.

  • Interstate 64 Norfolk, VA 23503, USA - Norfolk city
    There are numerous potholes and general rough road from 4th view overpass until the Willoughby Bridge on the Westbound right hand lane.