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  • Huge Pothole Archived
    Parkway Drive South Hauppauge, NY - Hauppauge
    There is a huge pothole on the northbound side of Parkway Drive South in Hauppauge. Going over it caused a flat tire. It really needs to be fixed.
  • Henry Street Smithtown, NY - Commack
  • North Of Intersection Of Harned Rd & New Highway Commack, NY - Commack
    Major Potholes at Yellow Divider that cannot be avoided as Road Curves around bend - VERY DANGEROUS. Must be fixed ASAP.
  • 423 Town Line Road Commack, NY - Commack
    This is the closest I can come to the approximate address, but it is near the section of road heading South on Commack road just before the park on the bend. I hit it at night and caused such a loud bang it scared the heck out of me...I was not expecting it. This one is a DOOSEY! Please fix asap.
  • Henry St Commack, NY 11725, USA - Commack
    there is a huge pothole on the right side of the street once you make a right turn off Commack Road to go to the Commack Multiplex theatre. Last week there was a four car accident caused by this pothole. A young man was standing by the pothole after it happened (dark outside) warning other motorists and I almost hit him. Very dangerous!
  • Pothole Archived
    547 County Road 4 Dix Hills, NY 11725, USA - Dix Hills
    Pothole at the intersection of Daly Rd and Commack Rd. could be a water valve cover that has sunken. It's been this way for many months
  • S Service Rd Dix Hills, NY - Dix Hills
    Several unavoidable potholes are in the left lane of the South Service Road about 1/4 mile EAST of the Commack Road Entrance Ramp
  • Northern State Pkwy Commack, NY 11725, USA - Commack
    A pothole with 3 holes, big enough to fit a car tire in each was reported here back in March. It was patched and now opening again. Town of Smithtown denied claim on my damage because it hadn't been reported 15 days prior to my incident. ...It has been well over 15 days now, so if you hit it you will definitely get paid this time!
  • 4 potholes Archived
    Ronde cpmmack, NY - Commack
    corner of tern and vets highway commack. terrible deep potholes
  • 4 Quail Pl Commack, NY 11725, USA - Commack
    Several significant potholes along this entire short street of Quail Place including the EAST Intersection with Raven Drive in Commack, NY
  • Commack Road & Vanderbilt Parkway Commack, NY - Commack

    Steet Lamp Out at Southeast Corner of Commack Road & Vanderbilt Parkway.

    Also, there is a large pothole adjacent to this lightpole that cannot be avoided when making a RIGHT turn from Commack Road onto Vanderbilt Parkway.

  • Fernwood Drive & Route #454 Commack, New York - Commack
    Large Pothole at Entrance to Fernwood Drive cannot be avoided