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  • Intersection Of Hillwood Blvd And Harding Rd - Belle Meade
    People on Harding blocking intersection so people on Hillwood can not turn left onto Harding
  • 4656 Harding Pike Nashville, TN - Belle Meade
    the turn arrow onto Hillwood Blvd from Harding Pike heading East is tripped with every green light
  • Harding Pike Nashville, TN - Belle Meade
    There is a pothole where the Stanford Square driveway intersects with the sidewalk along Harding Pike (across from St. Thomas hospital)
  • Intersection Of Lynnwood Terrace/Hillwood Blvd And Harding Pike 37205, USA - Belle Meade
    Manhole cover in middle of intersection is about two or three inches beleow road surface. Running over it may damage tire or wheel. May cause auto accident.
  • pothole Archived
    Oman And Long nashville, TN - Belle Meade
    need to look at a road patch for a growing pothole at the intersection of Oman and Long near Centennial Park.
  • 1326 Page Road Nashville, TN - Belle Meade
    Large pothole on Page Road (street that parallels the park). Dangerous.
  • 1358 Page Road Nashville, Tennessee - Belle Meade
    Recurring problem of rough pavement and potholes is starting to get bad again in this section of Page Road between Belle Meade Blvd and Chickering Road. Worst area is about halfway going from the Blvd to Chickering. There are also smaller potholes starting in both directions all along this section. Since it's already a really narrow road with no shoulder, dodging these potholes and rough pavement is hard to do. Especially at night when already trying to watch for deer from the park crossing the road.
  • Big hole Archived
    254 Harding Place Belle Meade, TN 37205, United States of America - Belle Meade
    There's a big hole on Harding Road in front of the Walgreens on Harding Road at Harding Place! It has been there for months now; please fix it! Thanks
  • Harding Place At Westover Nashville, Tennessee - Belle Meade
    Harding Place is really, really bumpy right there at that little Y intersection at Westover Drive! It has been "repaired" in many places but is still really bumpy. The old repairs look as though they are ready to peel off. Maybe the city could just dig that little section up and start over with paving. I sure hope so. Thank you very much for your time and attention.
  • Belle Meade Blvd At Harding Place nashville, tn - Belle Meade
    the traffic light at belle meade blvd and harding place is not synched correctly. it is as if it is flipped as to how much time green is on for belle meade blvd (too short). about Nov/Dec of 2009, and fair amount of roadwork was done related to a Water project. wondering if when the lanes were re-opened full time, the workers got the "flow" reversed.
  • Pothole Archived
    Oman Street At Park Plaza Nashville, TN 37203 - Belle Meade
    There is a pothole that needs attention at Oman St and Park Plaza.
  • 6523 Pennywell Drive - Belle Meade
    During my morning commute I am usually stopped by the light at Davidson and Hwy 70S. The light signal that signals for cars on Davidson to turn right or left is being covered up from the bottom (green light) by bush and tree growth.