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  • I-30 E Arlington, TX, 76012, USA - Central
    Please fix ASAP!!! Entering I-30 East from Fielder, there's a huge hole on the right side of the lane. My fiancee just caught it bad and was surprised our airbags didn't deploy. Please fix ASAP!!!
  • 3412 Ainsworth Court Arlington, Texas - West

    $1700.00 damage to my car. At the south exit on Kelly Elliott Martin High School. Arlington Independent School District contacted no action. Severe damage to my Toyota Avalon suspension system. Can someone PLEASE HELP GET THIS FIXED BEFORE IT FLIPS A SCHOOL BUS? PLEASE.

    Connie J. Hull

  • 323 Westview Terrace - West
    Road is totally neglected by city of torrington most asphalt is GONE! power lines have grown INTO the trees cl&p does not respond after 6 calls to them legal action soon.
  • 1507 N Watson Rd Arlington, TX - North
    The pedestrian crossing signal button to cross N. Watson Rd on the south side of Brown Blvd does not work. Pressing the button does not result in a green walk light. This is also true on south side of Ave K, crossing the east (north-bound) access road.
  • 1820-1898 Burr Oak Street Arlington, Texas - North
    Large pothole at intersection of Burr Oak St and Park Hill Drive
  • Pothole Archived
    110 Woods Drive Arlington, Texas - East
    Major pothole middle of the street, 100 block of Woods Dr, 76010
  • 2300 E. Randal Mill Road Arlington, Texas - East
    The Traffic Light (going North/South) at Randal Mill Road and Six Flags Drive has tripled in time duration in the last month. I drive this route at least twice a day, for 3 years. It used to last less than 60 sec. In the last month, the duration is at least 3 min. There is not more traffic to justify. It seems to be an error, and the Traffic light is out of sync. No reason this traffic light should be this long.
  • 2401 Winding Hollow Ln Arlington, TX 76006, USA - North
    The run of street lights on Brown Blvd from Collins up to Ascension is out again.
  • Pothole Archived
    1515 Park Chase Ave. Arlington, TX - North
    There is broken concrete in the street in front of 1515 Park Chase Ave., Arlington, TX 76011. It's visible on Google Maps, and the photo was taken when the city repainted the water tower last year.
  • 1901 Lavon Creek Ln Arlington, TX 76006, USA - North
    Whenever it rains, a large pool of water several inches deep accumulates on the street directly in front of my driveway due to improper drainage. Whom should I contact regarding this issue? Thank you.
  • 8001 Saddle Oak Dr Arlington, TX 76001, USA - Southwest
    The street light goes off and on every minute or so.
  • 2199 Green Oaks Boulevard West Arlington, Texas - West
    On Green Oaks, starting from Arkansas blvd going north bound until you hit Pioneer Parkway, there are over 7 pot holes (I stopped counting at 7, hubby says about a dozen or so). Most are located in the middle lane of the 3 lane road but there are some in the other lanes as well. This stretch of road is right in front of the police an fire stations.