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  • 32 Sherwood Road Levittown, NY - Levittown
    I am requesting for additional Street Lamps for the corner of Sherwood Road and Loring Road. There are to many drivers who blow through the Stop Signs at night, not realizing children play in the streets.I believe that additional street lamps, would help the drivers see the Stop Signs at night.
    Another issue is underage drinking and drug use. To many kids are drinking and doing drug use in the street on Loring Road. I believe that additional street lamps, would keeps the kids, from parting in the street. This has been a problem here for years now.
    Once again, I believe that additional Street Lamps, would improve the safety of the neighborhood; and protect the young children. Thank You for your time!
  • Seaford-Oyster Bay Expy & Southern State Pkwy Levittown, NY 11783, USA - Levittown
  • Potholes Archived
    Hicksville Rd Bethpage, NY - Levittown
    Numerous potholes at merge of N. Wantagh Ave. & RT 107., northbound.
  • 122 Sprucewood Drive Levittown, NY - Levittown
    The street light directly across from my home is out. This is a problem for cars traveling this street at night.
  • 3721 Hempstead Turnpike Levittown, NY - Levittown
    Potholes, eastbound, from Best Buy shopping center to Target shopping center.
  • potholes Archived
    153-265 Division Ave Levittown, NY 11756, USA - Levittown
    The pot holes arent even potholes they are CRATERS!!!!!
  • 156-260 Division Ave Levittown, NY 11756, USA - Levittown
    potholes at the corner of Division Avenue and Butternut Lane. Run length of crosswalk.
  • 646-660 Arlington Dr Seaford, NY 11783, USA - Levittown
    Corner of Arlington Drive and Rutherford Dr in Seaford. A huge pothole in front of 660 Arlington Dr has been there for 2 years! Keeps getting bigger and a traffic hazard as drivers move to the opposite side of the road to avoid the pot hole. Town and county notified multiple times....NOTHING! Pothole needs to be flattened not just filled!

  • Potholes Archived
    2-116 Division Ave Levittown, NY 11756, USA - Levittown
  • Huge Pothole Archived
    53-151 Division Ave Levittown, NY 11756, USA - Levittown
    Huge pothole on division ave in front of division car care. I was driving slow over a puddle and my whole front tire went in
  • 2-6 Fiddler Ln Levittown, NY 11756, USA - Levittown
    All along Fiddler Lane in Levittown are potholes with broken asphalt surrounding the holes. If another car is coming in the opposite direction, one would either have to wait for that car to pass to go around the holes, or hit the 4-5 potholes in a row to avoid blocking traffic. When you drive further down on Fiddler towards Route 107, there are more potholes in the street.
  • New York 107 Bethpage, NY - Levittown
    Pothole has been fixed, but there's another pothole right in front of it. I don't know why the second pothole was not fixed.