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Supervisor Nolan and the Department of Public Works is committed to providing Town of Islip residents with continued Town services that are responsive, efficient, effective and fiscally responsible.
Islip DPW, is responsible for a variety of services, including the maintenance of over 1,200 miles of roadway, Traffic Safety including the installation and maintenance of street signs and pavement markings, street lighting, maintenance of trees in the the town right-of-way

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  • All Of Coates And Grundy Ave Holbrook Ny - Ronkonkoma
    The entire length of Grundy Avenue and Coates Avenue in Holbrook have HUGE pot holes.. some had been filled in with gravel but it washes away in a day or two.. it's a bandaid fix.. why can't our roads be fixed properly? Every road in Suffolk County has the same problem.. I have seen cars at the side of the road fixing flat tires because of potholes.. they are so bad they are getting hard to advoid.
  • 260 Manhattan Blvd Islip Terrace, NY 11752, USA - Islip Terrace
    Manhattan Blvd is a vitual nightmare to manuver because its riddled with enormous cracks, holes, and patches gone horrible wrong. It stretches from Carleton thru connetquot, passing an elem school.
    Something needs ot be done...
  • 214 Manhattan Blvd Islip Terrace, NY 11752, USA - Islip Terrace
    To drive on Manhattan Boulevard in Islip Terrace, between Spur Drive North and Tenth Street (especially this section, the whole stretch to Connetquot Ave is terrible) is an absolute horror. That my transmission hasn't dropped yet is amazing.
  • Interstate 495 Ronkonkoma, NY 11779, USA - Ronkonkoma
    LIE Westbound, right lane, exactly at the turnoff for Exit 59; top 2-3" of pavement is slicing off very quickly within a 150-200 square foot area (contained within the right lane) and has been repaired in the past but is quickly deteriorating.
  • 214 Manhattan Blvd Islip Terrace, NY 11752, USA - Islip Terrace
    Manhatten Blvd east of Spur Dr in Islip Terrace has to be one of the worst roads around. patched & patched but never redone.
  • 4933 Expressway Dr Lake Ronkonkoma, NY 11779, USA - Lake Ronkonkoma
    LIE eastbound exit ramp exit 60
  • 960 Sylvan Avenue - Bayport
    My company's business just moved to Bayport a year ago as well as Blackman's (who put 30 Million into their building). Wenner Bread has been a long time business here. This road is a disgrace/potholes everywhere as well as garbage(matresses/tires, etc) constantly being dumped. We see the Islip Town truck come down the street on occassion. They fill all of 1 pothole, hang around after that, then leave. A waste of time and Taxpayers' money. No garbage has ever been cleaned up by the Town. We, the business owners have to do it......
  • 185 Adams Ave Hauppauge, NY 11788, USA - Hauppauge
    craterholes along the intersection of Adams avenue turn signal when bearing left turn onto Motor parkway, Hauppauge.
  • Speedbump Archived
    Lie Northside Westbound Entrance Ramp Commack, NY 11725, USA - Commack
    Speedbump has developed on ramp from southbound Sunken Meadow Pkwy onto westbound Long Island Expressway
  • 398 Islip Ave Islip, NY 11751, USA - Islip
    I have lived one house from the corner of Pine St & Islip Ave for over 30 years and there is a minimum of at least 10 accidents per year at this corner. Here are the problems why:
    1) The house on the corner has a stockade fence on their side yard that blocks an eastbound car's line-of-sight coming out of Pine St - so much so that the car has to actually inch up into the oncoming Southbound traffic on Islip Ave in order to see if there's traffic coming.
    2) There should be a 4-way stop light at this intersection because the cars coming over the bridge are cruising at an excessive speed, thus contributing to the accidents at this corner.
    I have lived here long enough to see my share of accidents (some deadly) here at this intersection.
  • 26-74 County Road 17 East Islip, NY 11730, USA - East Islip
    There is a serious issue here at the corner of Carleton Ave & Main St - when the light turns red for southbound Carleton Ave traffic, the entrance/exit to the CVS parking lot is completely blocked - enough so that you can't (safely) make a left turn to head north on Carleton Ave, or to make a right onto Carleton Ave to get in the left-hand turning lane to make a left onto Main St. Suggestion: 1) close the parking lot entrance closest to Main St, or 2) add a secondary stop light at the actual entrance to the CVS parking lot.
  • 102 Bergold St Brentwood, NY - Brentwood
    About 2 months ago Alkier St in Brentwood was paved over. We would like to thank the town for this. However they stopped at Grand Blvd, leaving some of the worst pot holes, which are filled over and over again. These pot holes get worse as you approach the stop sign from Islip Ave(Rt 111). Why did the town not pave all of Alkier St? Do they plan on paving the rest of Alkier? If so, When?