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  • 129 Saddle River Road Airmont, New York - Monsey
    This needs to be fixed because there is no way of avoiding this pothole, and when you hit it it sounds like your car might just break down right there, i don't need to pay to get my car fixed because someone can't fix a @#$% road. This issue can be solved very quickly if someone would just fix the road but some concrete or cement or whatever you use because i am so tempted to do it myself i'm tired of waiting for someone to fix THIS PROBLEM!!
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  • 100 Route 59 Airmont, NY, 10952 - Airmont
    There are allot of potholes near building 100 on route 59 in Airmont
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  • Interstate 87 Monsey, NY 10952, USA - Ramapo
    For months, even before this winter, there have been multiple potholes on the stretch of Rte. 59 that overpasses
    the NYS Thruway (Rte.I-87). Why this
    has taken so long to address is beyond me; but this winter's severe
    weather and necessary salt use have made the situation much worse! We need immediate address of these holes before disaster ensues!
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  • potholes Archived
    5 Cragmere Rd Airmont, NY 10901 - Suffern
    series of pothiles
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  • 188-208 New York 59 Monsey, NY 10952, USA - Ramapo
    Route 59 bridge, over the thruway, in town of Ramapo. Multiple potholes - cars have to veer all over the road to avoid them.
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  • 400 New Hempstead Rd New City, NY 10956, USA - Ramapo
    There is a huge pothole on the road that connects the road to the palisades parkway. It was so big that I heard a huge thunk. It's a miracle that my car wasn't damaged.
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  • Large Pothole Archived
    159-165 Saddle River Rd Monsey, NY 10952, USA - Monsey
    Just south of Fred Eller Drive on the west side of the road
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  • Old Mill Rd Suffern , NY - Montebello
    Several street lamps in a row are not working on this road creating a safety hazard at night.
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  • 72 Orange Turnpike Sloatsburg, NY 10974, USA - Sloatsburg
    Multiple potholes, uneven road through the entire village section of 17. A disgrace!
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  • 59 Corner Robert Pitt. Ramapo, NY - Spring Valley

    In the many different times I was walking by the corner 59 & Robert Pitt, I realized that while the sign is showing walk for the humans to cross the road, are the cars still allowed to turn out from the amazing/evergreen (formally pathmart) shopping center a right on 59. And as I witnessed tens of times it was a great danger for the people walking to been knocked down.

    Please do something about this!

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  • New York 59 Monsey, NY 10952, USA - Monsey
    There are numerous, now deep potholes noted on route 59 in Monsey/ Airmont, right where Alturas Road
    crosses over the NYS Thruway (I-87).
    These holes were in existence before
    the winter, but have now worsened due to the intense winter conditions, more than likely. For some reason the rest of the road in this stretch was repaired and resurfaced last spring/summer; but this small stretch right over the interstate was left undone, and now it is very hard to drive over. Indeed, the orange and white barrels have been left there for months, but no work has been done to re-surface and re-
    do this relatively small stretch of the roadway. In general, all of Route 59 is going to need work done, but this cluster of holes in Monsey/Airmont right over the Thruway are a real danger to any car's tires and undercarriage. Please expedite repair ASAP. This is my second time writing in about this. Thank you.
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  • 107-133 Nyack Turnpike Airmont, NY 10901, USA - Airmont
    The entire West Bound lane from Brookside to Park Ave is horrendous!
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