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  • 536 St Marks Ave Westfield, NJ - Westfield
    Recently PSE&G installed a huge/ugly solar panel on the utility pole in front of my house.
    It is at eye level from my ground floor windows. It is an unacceptable intrusion. My home is a 1908 fully restored historic home. I moved to this town because of the "intact" turn of the century homes and street scape.
    How did Westfield let this happen and how can i have it removed???
  • Woodland Ave westfield, NJ - Westfield
    For years, Woodland Ave. has been neglected by the town. There are so many deep potholes that are virtually impossible to avoid. The danger is great, especially at night.
  • Woodland Ave Westfield, NJ - Westfield
    Woodland Ave. between Broad St. and Kimball is in desperate need of repaving.
  • 200-298 Lawrence Ave Westfield, NJ 07090, USA - Westfield
    I have four young kids that walk from our House at 570 Lawrence to Presbyterian school. While I work, my Au pair has to walk them to school and there is no sidewalk plowed on either side on Lawrence between walnut and mountain Ave.
    See photo attached. The crossing guard is at the mountain Lawrence intersection with no sidewalk accessible to get to him. Please plow asap so my kids can go to school. It is not safe for them to walk on the narrowed streets along cars driving too fast. Thank you!
  • 1051 Coolidge St Westfield, NJ 07090, USA - Westfield
    Last year, half of Coolidge was paved. The remainder is very uneven with so many loose stones/pebbles and potholes. This is unsightly and extremely unsafe for pedestrians and those of us who spend part of our days walking pets and babies in strollers. Please address this issue - it has gone on far too long.
  • Plaza - Westfield
    why is it that that we here all about crime going down while some guy just got killed at the carnival whats up with this town it use to be nice
  • 562-598 Springfield Ave Mountainside, NJ 07090, USA - Westfield
    so many cars go flying down this road, and I'd love to see a few speed bumps installed (especially at both ends)
  • 14 Cornwall Drive Westfield, New Jersey - Westfield
    There are four pot holes located on Cornwall Drive.
  • Pot Hole Archived
    14 Cornwall Drive Westfield, NJ - Westfield
    Large pot hole on Cornall Drive
    accross from house number 14.
  • Memorial Field Summit, New Jersey - Westfield
    2 small dead trees by Memorial Field Basketball Courts - Remove - JL
  • 508 North Ave W Westfield, NJ - Westfield
    After a repair job for some problem at intersection of Broad St and North Ave, the repair job has now become a big sink hole causing cars to swerve and almost hit each other at this very busy intersection.
  • 20 Kent Place Blvd. Summit, New Jersey - Westfield
    Plastic/Bottles not picked up - it happens EVERY week....also cans are being left in the street