Cane Ridge

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Speed traps

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  • 3016 Ballenger Drive Nolensville, TN - Nolensville
    The speeding on Ballenger Drive in the Ballenger Farms Subdivision in Nolensville has gotten out of hand. Many children play on this street while the motorists disregard the 20 mph speed limit. Police patrol or speed bumps are needed before a serious injury or death occurs.
  • Rocky Fork Rd Nolensville, TN - Nolensville
    Cycle is too short for cross traffic which only allows 4 cars to pass across intersection with 41A and Rocky Fork. Many cars run light out of frustration due to short cycle with is going to cause an accident.
  • Sunset Rd & Nolensville Rd Nolensville, Tennessee - Nolensville
    There are so many potholes on Sunset Rd as you head towards Nolensville Rd. The worst of them are as you get close to Mill Creek and the new subdivision. The potholes have been serious for weeks. I have new tires and I don't want to damage them or my alignment. It costs money to repair this. Please repave that area or fill the potholes as soon as possible. Thanks! :)
  • I have located the electrical people to report this problem