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  • 4039 Carbon Road Irving, Texas - Irving
    Every time I drive this route after 5 PM (M-F) I've noticed that when the light at Carbon is red, the light at 161 is green and once Carbon turns green, 161 is red. These lights could definitely be timed better to alleviate some of the traffic buildup that the additional light has caused.
  • 8222 N Belt Line Rd Irving, TX 75063, USA - Irving
    For the past week Irving Police have been blocking traffic in front of the new Race Trac at Regent and Beltline. This is an already high traffic area and the officers are pulling people over - even stopping them in the middle of the street - causing major traffic congestion and confusing among drivers. I tried calling Irving PD to see what they were doing but dispatcher, Stacy, would not tell me.
  • 8301 N Belt Line Rd Irving, TX 75038 - Irving
    The Lights at Belt Line and Regent are badly time, multiple north south cycles and short Westbound Regent Cycles
  • 5300 N O'Connor Blvd Irving, TX - Irving
    This afternoon, while driving down N. O'Connor Blvd, I noticed the new illuminated street signs with the new City of Irving logo. Are there any plans to install these new illuminated street signs throughout the rest of Las Colinas? These new illuminated street signs would definitely update and upgrade the appearance of MacArthur Blvd., Las Colinas Blvd., Royal Lane and Riverside Drive. The new illuminated street signs look awesome! We hope that we will start to see many more of them in the near future. In addition to the modern look, the illuminated street signs are much easier to see when it is dark outside.
  • President George Bush Turnpike Irving, TX 75038, USA - Irving
    Why don't they add a third Lane between 114 and 183?
  • Champion Trail Dallas, TX 75229, USA - Irving
    when rain comes or more water, the trail floods over and you can not pass. this is a decent area that i use to commute by bike. when the access is not there it forces me to take a risky route onto the major street adjacent and i risk getting killed.
  • 4905 Riverside Drive Irving, Texas - Irving
    I have been working in the Summit (Chase Bank) at the corner of 114 and Riverside for 2 years. The occupants of the building who come off of 114 have to make a U-turn at El Lago to get into the parking garage. Every morning it seems like someone is almost in an accident and the drivers at the stop sign on El Lago do not yield to drivers who are making a legal U-turn on Riverside. I know the "Yield to traffic making U-turn" sign exists, as they have one on the corner of N. O'Conner Rd and Leland Blvd less than 2 miles away.
  • Freeport Pkwy Irving, TX 75063, USA - Irving
    There are no less than 25 small to medium diameter but very deep potholes and cracks in the area surrounding the intersection under the freeway. It is very, very bad in this heavily traveled area.
  • 2115 Concord Irving, TX - Irving
    Why does it take three to four minutes for this light to change when there is no traffic on Irving Blvd. When it does change, you are lucky if three cars make it through the light and then its another wait. Someone needs to reevaluate the timing.
  • lights timing Archived
    6917 N Belt Line Rd Irving, TX 75038 - Irving
    Something needs to be done about the lights timing. There needs to be longer green lights. even if you may have to sit at red-lights longer this would still increase the amount of cars that could go during each cycle. This is about 20 min. of my daily commute sitting at this one light (north bound and South bound) 7:45am and 4:30pm
  • graffiti Archived
    Lyndon Baines Johnson Fwy Irving, TX 75063, USA - Irving
    there is graffiti on the side wall on the left hand side driving west bound
  • 1434-1466 N Story Rd Irving, TX 75061, USA - Irving
    the light often takes too long and there are sometimes no cars going in any direction and the timing is really bad