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Blair County Planning Commission
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  • Frankstown Rd Hollidaysburg, PA - Blair County
    The intersections of Frankstown Rd and Stonehedge/Sylvan Rds desparetely need a left turning lane. Cars coming to the top of the hill from both sides are often blinded by the sun or or unable to see the brakelights when cresting the hill causing very dangerous conditions on the roadway and traffic backups during the busy hours of the day. Truck climbing lanes would also be very helpful because many trucks use this road to travel between Route 22 and I99.
  • U.S. 22 Hollidaysburg, PA 16648, USA - Blair County
    The Rt 22 corridor needs to be upgraded with truck climbing lanes, widened shoulders, better site distances, left turn lanes. There is a good bit of traffic and these safety improvements would be well worth the investment.
  • Rt 764 altoona north, PA - Altoona
    Penn State campus to I-99 new highway
  • U.S. 22 Hollidaysburg, PA 16648, USA - Blair County
    Very dangerous intersection with poor site distance. The state park is accessed from this intersection thus there is a good bit of traffic placed at risk due to outdated intersection.
  • 1130 Bloomfield Road Roaring Spring, Blair, PA - Roaring Spring
    Route22 west bound underpass at cresson summit has been damaged looks like integrity of bridge beam is jeopardized ...
  • Route 36 Roaring Spring, PA - Blair County
    Between Route 36 & 220 Intersection to Route 36 & 164 Intersection, Road needs add'l lanes or by-pass built
  • Beaver Dam Road altoona, PA - Blair County
    No shoulder - road to narrow..needs widening of shoulder
  • 7th St Duncansville, PA 16635, USA - Duncansville
    A left turn lane would keep the west bound traffic from backing up.
  • U.S. 220 Altoona, PA 16601, USA - Blair County
    A new exit for I99 for Juniata and PSU/Altoona would provide access to the growing college community in Altoona.
  • State Highway 36 Roaring Spring, PA 16673, USA - Blair County
    Northbound roadway wearing surface is deteriorating due to subgrade conditions
  • 700 Spang St Roaring Spring, PA 16673, USA - Roaring Spring
    Please change the timings on the light at the 5 points intersection. If you are a block away on Spang St. and the light turns green, it will be red before you get to it regardless of anyone tripping the sensor on the E. Main St. leg. It wastes time and gas.
  • 601 03 S 8th St Altoona, PA - Altoona
    Safe access to altoona hospital from Pleasant valley, valley view blvd