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  • Piedmont Av also know as hi-way 216 at the Depot - Kings Mountain
    Rail Road crossing hwy 216 Piedmont av,Traffic comes to a stop just to cross it.It also needs repairing....Help Please.
  • 400-404 N Piedmont Ave Kings Mountain, NC 28086, USA - Kings Mountain
    The railroad crossing in either direction needs to be fixed. You can only go about 5 mph and you are still rocked back and forth. You really can't go any faster than that. This is the worst railroad crossing around.
  • 806 Second St Kings Mtn Nc 28086 - Kings Mountain
    City wont fix drain ,drains into my yard & runs under my house. The road is starting to crack and the city knows about it but wont do anthing about it .The neighbors tree is in the middle of the ditch and the walnuts from the tree falls in my yard .I cant use my driveway please help me I had the city out here alot but nothing gets done. thanks
  • Corner Of Kings Mountain Blvd. And Margrace Rd. In Kings Mtn. Nc - Kings Mountain
    Kings Mountain Blvd is a recently new road in Kings Mountain Margrace Rd. runs through Kings Mountain Blvd. it's a four way intersection but there are only two stop signs which are located on Margrace Rd. there should be a stop light at this intersection several wrecks have occured since Kings Mountain Blvd has been there. My family has witnessed many wrecks at this intersection and everyday we travel this road my 8 year old son ask if i reported it to WBTV see, click fix. Yesterday Oct. 1, 2010 we witnessed another wreck at this same interesection. I have included a picture of this intersection.
  • Kings Mountain NC, USA - Kings Mountain
    Fulton drive kings mountain nc,road above high school. Kids from school go excessive speeds, motorcycles racing up and down road. Even school buses going at high rates of speed above 35. It has all family's on this street upset. We are afraid we or someone will be killed. Backing out of our drive ways is dangerous, there are small inclines you can't see over when leaving and with the speeds, people are on you before you can get going. we have made local complaints will nothing being done. we would like someone to help, it is a state owned road so even at homeowners expense the state will not let us have speed bumps.
  • Battleground Rd. In Kings Mountain next to the old train station - Kings Mountain
    The Norfolk Southern railroad crossing of Battleground Rd. is the worst I've ever had to cross. Instead of putting in a pre-fab concrete crossing, the railroad continues to add asphalt every 6 months or so. You have to practically come to a complete stop before going across this crossing, which is also at a 60 degree angle to the road. this causes unbelievably hard rocking of your vehicle. If you don't stop before crossing, your car will be damaged, not to mention your head being bashed against your window.If you do stop before crossing, you run the risk of being rear ended.
    Other crossings in town are smooth and safe. Why not this one, which is on a main road heading north out of Kings Mountain?
  • 603 Phifer Rd Kings Mountain, NC 28086, USA - Kings Mountain
  • 806 Second St Kings Mtn Nc 28086 - Kings Mountain
    Floods Yard & Building . Tree Needs To Be Took Down. Please Heep
  • Andrew Jackson Hwy Kings Mountain, NC 28086, USA - Kings Mountain
    The lanes where the 216 bridge crosses hwy 274 are impossible to see in the dark and hard to see in daylight. The median is low but it's hard to see where it is. As you approach the stoplight on the Cherryville side of the bridge you cannot see where the lanes are after the intersection. Go too far to the left and you hit the median, Too far right and you are in the middle of two lanes. The lanes have no reflectors and the paint is so old it's hard to see in daylight. One lane is used to turn onto a street that leads to an elementary school. I believe the name is North Elementary.
  • Floyd Street Kings Mountain/ Cleveland, NC/USA - Kings Mountain
    terrible road, asphalt broken up, sunk in and raised manholes, will tear up the front end of a car!
  • 18 Bennett Drive Kings Mountain, NC - Kings Mountain

    A section of curbing has collapsed, and it is sinking into the ground. The city needs to address this issue before rainwater runoff creates a dangerous sinkhole problem.

    To make matters worse, this section of curbing is used to access the homeowner's driveway. Please fix this issue ASAP.

  • 706 York Rd Kings Mountain, NC 28086, USA - Kings Mountain
    HWY 161