Center Congregational Church

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The area surrounding Center Congregational Church, including City Hall, Augusta Curtis Center, First Baptist Church, Stop & Shop and Parker Hose Co./Meriden Uptown Fire Department

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  • 50-98 Norwood St Meriden, CT 06450, USA - Meriden
    There is no reason the city should rely completely on chemicals, the roads are way too narrow.
  • Broad Street meriden, CT - Meriden

    i took these photos after driving past these Vietnam and Korean War monuments which drew my attention because they appear to be knocked over. When i got closer i saw no foot prints or signs of struggle. yet the stone tablets lay there on the ground and it is ONE day before Memorial Day.
    Broad Street Meriden CT
    i happen to be a NINE year Army Veteran and Desert Sheild/Storm Veteran

    203 600 4247

  • 482 Broad Street Meriden, Connecticut - Meriden

    I moved to Meriden three years ago. Since then, I haven't seen one road repair crew fixing these potholes and other, pardon the expression, "divots".

    At the corner of E. Main St. and U.S. 5 the road is so bad I feel like I'm running an obstacle course trying to avoid doing damage to my vehicle. The rest of E. Main St. is almost as bad.

    There are other heavily traveled streets that have seen no repair work in the last three years either. What is it with the Department of Public Works? Are they completely oblivious to the road conditions in Meriden? Meriden is beginning to look like Detroit or, Harlem, N.Y.

    This is Ct., not some "Third World Country". It would only take a few minutes to fix the E. Main, U.S. 5 Intersection. Can the DPW find five minutes out of their "busy schedule" to fix the most heavily travel roads in Meriden. After all, we are paying them to do something, aren't we?

  • 485 Broad Street Meriden, CT - Meriden
    The amount of trash on the Stop & Shop property is disgusting. What happened to the enforcement of Meriden's § 176-4. Clean community provisions?
  • 2-70 Center St Meriden, CT 06450, USA - Meriden
    On the corner of Center St and Liberty St are a few Deep Pot Holes!!!
  • 189 East Main St Meriden, CT - Meriden
    The streetlight across from 189 EAST MAIN STREET is burned out. It is dangerous for those leaving the Mosque or the PLAV POST 189.
  • 2-70 Center St Meriden, CT 06450, USA - Meriden
    I hit one of these Pot Holes and I thought I lost my back teeth. These Holes are from paving the road and not raising the covers!!!
  • Wall Street...Coming From Broad Street Meriden, CT - Meriden
    Lots of speeding coming from Wall Street...close to Broad Street.
  • Broad St Meriden, ct - Meriden
    Almost all the street lights on Broad St under the highway overpass are burned out.
  • Hanover Street Meriden, Connecticut - Meriden

    Right behind the Meriden Police Department there are two street lights, and a floodlight that are not working. They haven't been working for at least three months. Numerous complaints have been filed with different agencies, but still, the lights are still not working.
    The situation is dangerous, especially when it is raining and foggy. It is hard to see where you are walking because of this situation, and the "vulnerable" are at risk of being assaulted and or, robbed because of the extreme darkness.

    Can the city of Meriden fix their street lights? Or, is that too much to ask?

  • 142 East Main Street Meriden, Connecticut - Meriden

    The Citizens Service Request Form is not working. After completing the form of preference for submitting complaints, I received a number of emails stating:

    Sorry. Your message could not be delivered to:
    Received: 550 5.7.1 initiative. q63si13035523qgd.39 - gsmtp

    I called City Hall to report the issue and was bounced from department to department and sent into several full voicemail accounts. What's the deal?

  • road fix Archived
    57 High St - Meriden
    pot hole