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  • Potholes Archived
    Playground Rd Groton, MA - Groton
    A short area on this road between the playground and 119 has become almost impassable without bottoming out or having to go around it on surrounding lawns. Please repair this!!
  • Hayden Rd. Near Carmichael Groton, MA - Groton
    Several potholes where patches have been made previously.
  • Fairway Drive Groton, MA - Groton
    Just after the sharp left uphill on Fairway Dr, a spring drains across and down the road for days after each rain and when snow melts. When it's cold, this water freezes causing a safety hazard when negotiating the corner.
  • 32-44 Hollis St Groton, MA 01450, USA - Groton
    A couple of enormous, thorny rose bushes have over taken the sidewalk in this location.
  • Library Road Archived
    Playground Rd Groton, MA 01450, USA - Groton
    The road leading up the hill from the playground to Main St is in deplorable condition and just about anyone that drives to the library needs to exit on this road. Is there any plan to repair it?
  • 415-421 Main Street Groton, Massachusetts - Groton
    This is a really bad heave that needs to be fixed. You will lose a rim or tire on it if you are not going ver slow. It completely crosses the eastbound lane of RT-119
  • 344-346 Main Street Groton, Massachusetts - Groton
    The heavily trafficked entrance to the Florence Roche/Middle School complex is riddled with large potholes that are not only hard on vehicles, but are also filled with water that can splash pedestrians.
  • 361-375 Main Street Groton, Massachusetts - Groton
    Among the many pot holes in this area, A large one in front of the school driveway on the east bound lane is causing swerving of traffic in an area mixed with young pedestrians. Not a good mix. There are many more 1/4 mile in each direction here on main street/rt119/rt111.
  • 1-91 Fairway Dr Groton, MA 01450, USA - Groton
    There's a constant stream of water across Fairway Drive, down the left side to the bottom, then across Lovers Lane. Can this stream be fixed?