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  • 1 21 East St Plainville, CT - Plainville
    The railroad crossings at East St. and East Main St. have become very dangerous for motorcycles and can be very damaging on cars. The rail mats have raised several inches in some spots and the road is in even worse shape. Please fix before a car is heavily damaged or worse, a motorcyclist is killed.
  • 492 East St plainville, CT - Plainville
    I have had many problems with my apartment on 492 east st. mold,electrical outlets exposed, kitchen floors so marred,and unkempt, promises things would get fixed, and never did. I requested a Plainville Health Inspector to visit my apartment and check my ongoing mold problem,electrical, and more only to be treated rudely and basically accused , that I have caused these problems. Come to find out the Health Inspector and my Landlord are good friends. All I wanted and desired is to be given a unbiased report, that was not the case,the under handedness that goes on with some town offical's has been over looked for a long time. How many more tenants where given faulty, and inaccurate reports,because of the old buddy system, I believe that some kind of investigation should occur to make sure everything is on the up and up, and that hopefully some time soon a Inspector can come to a location with no preconceived ideas of the tenant, because the Inspector forewarned the landlord, This is just another abuse of power in this town. Because its all about who you know. and that's a shame.
  • 580 Camp St Bristol, CT 06010, USA - Plainville
    Town of Bristol needs to put a STOP sign on the intersection of Camp St and Florence Ln and Quail Hollow Ln. When everybody comes up the hill from route 6 they speed like daemons, and a few accidents already happened within the past couple of years because of the speeding. When people are trying to come onto Camp St they have to be very careful, they cannot see the cars coming from route 6 and when they do it’s too late because they are speeding. Within 12 months two cars landed in someone’s yard because of a car crash caused by speeding. Please put a STOP sign fast before someone else gets killed.
  • The Old Chung Property On New Britain Ave. Plainville, CT - Plainville
    How long have we had to endure the continued decay and all encompassing blight that is the old Chung property? How much longer will we have to sit back and watch our town officials do absolutely nothing about it. When it was sold at auction in March of 2011, we were told that
    clean up of the property would begin over the upcoming summer. Now, as a second
    summer is about to come to a close we
    have seen absolutely no progress in seeing this blight come to an end. Yes there were legal delays and the economy remains sluggish. However, the new owners have responsibilities both legal and moral to take proper care of their property. I chuckled when I saw their big move was to put up a sign promising that a new retail center would be coming soon. I laughed even harder when I saw the sign become quickly overgrown by brush within a few weeks. Recently, somebody mowed away the obscuring brush covering the sign but left the disgusting mess behind the fence untouched. Isn't this the very least a safety issue. The buildings on the property have been abandoned for at least a dozen years. There are broken windows and the plywood put in place to "secure" the area is falling down. What if a child or group of teen agers were to get on the property and get hurt. Well, the finger pointing would certainly begin then. Even sadder is the lack of response from our local government and town officials. I always wondered why they seemed so afraid to confront this issue when Mr. Chung held the property. Yet they display the same intrepidation with the new owners. It is truly sad and it is becoming the symbol of our town.
  • Connecticut 72 Plainville, CT - Plainville
    A newly completed road without the ability for cyclists to activate signal change riding east or west on E. Main St. (Forestville) or Forestville Ave. (Plainville). There does exist a pole mounted button, but it is located on the north side of the roadway, adjacent to a sidewalk. By the time a cyclist headed west dismounts to activate the button and gets back on the bike, the signal will change from green to red for the cyclist half way through this already wide and dangerous intersection.
    Can the trip wires in the paving be made to activate an automatic change at the traffic controller at this intersection?
  • Railroad Crossing East Main St., Plainville, CT - Plainville
    Diagonal railroad tracks dangerous to cross for bicyclists.
    To cross safely a cyclist must swerve dangerously into heavy traffic on state route 372 to approach track at 90 angle.
    Designs for paved safe crossings to the side are available and should be constructed before serious injury and potential law suits develop.
  • Interstate 84 Plainville/New Britian, CT - Plainville
    pot hole big enough to "eat/crash" a motorcycle or compact car with narrow tires. 3-4' long, 10"-12" wide 4"-6"+ deep. where the Crooked St entrance ramp meets I-84 E on the line between rt and middle lanes
  • 221 West Main Street Plainville, CT - Plainville
    Two weeks ago, the house had an "Estate sale" (read: Junk) at the house. The unsold items were left on the lawn and have not been removed. It makes the place look like a junkyard and brings the neaighborhood to a lower level. The house is also for sale, which doesn't make it appealing.
  • Intersection Of Madison And Route 10 Plainville, Connecticut - Plainville
    When eversource replaced the pole, no one replaced the street sign.
  • 77 East Main St Plainville, CT - Plainville
    The speed limit is 25 mph thru the entire downtown area. There have been accidents, people hit by cars, dump trucks, cars, trucks speedingn at average of 45-50 mph daily...CT Transit bus who travels daily down the breakdown lane at least 40 + mph. Police have been here with radar..but it is not enough. Someone will be killed before it will stop. I hope its not YOUR family member or mine.
  • N Washington St & Connecticut 72 & Day St Plainville, CT - Plainville
    I just drove through it at 6:30 PM tonight (Monday, 12/5), and the green couldn't have been more than 10 seconds long. It felt like only 5.
  • street light Archived
    Florence Lane plainville, CT - Plainville
    street light out.making street very dark and dangerous.