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  • 616 Carlton Ave New York, NY 11238 - Prospect Heights
    Cars traveling on Prospect Pl. often do a rolling stop at Carlton Ave. Pedestrians crossing that intersection are put at risk.
  • 175 Prospect Place Brooklyn, NY - Prospect Heights
    The sign notifying drivers about the new speed hump is hidden behind a tree. It's nearly invisible to cars, which defeats the purpose of the bump. In the attached picture, you can see a corner of the yellow sign in the middle of the picture, across the street from the white truck.
  • 600 Gtrand Ave brooklyn, New York - Prospect Heights
    On this Grand Ave block and west side sidewalk between Park and Prospect Ave is becoming a "private" parking lot for either or both the 22nd pct Detective office at corner of ''''park Place AND especially the auto repair shop at 732 Washington. Street never gets cleaned because cars are "allowed' to park anywhere on west sidewalk and even double parked all day on block. Police ignore it. Half the block has signage alowing Detectives with permits, but clearly other half of block is ignored for months now. Because of this the street is never cleaned. What is going on here where the police can't see obvious .
  • 23 6th Avenue Brooklyn, NY - Prospect Heights
    The sidewalk is uneven and has a hole. It looks like it might collapse eventually if cars continue to park on it.
  • 537 Park Pl Brooklyn, NY 11238, USA - Prospect Heights
    Have been without all winter. Were told by the management company (All-Star Management) that the gas company was to blame. The gas company however informed us that the heat was intentionally turned off as the landlord is currently being sued by them for unpaid bills. Our lease clearly states that heat is included in our rent.
    We are planning to move ASAP. Please be warned--never enter dealings with All-Star Management. This has been a nightmare.
  • 5th Ave & St Johns Pl Brooklyn, NY - Prospect Heights
    walk/don't walk light not operating
  • 535 Dean Street Brooklyn, NY 11217, USA - Prospect Heights
    Unauthorized clothing collection bin on sidewalk.
  • 652-674 Atlantic Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11217, USA - Prospect Heights
    This is the worst intersection in downtown Brooklyn. Major confusion. There needs to be a turn signal at Sixth Ave onto Atlantic Avenue in both directions. This is a major accident waiting to happen and have many times come close to being hit. You have been warned City of New York. It's a joke that no one is fixing this corner.
  • 703 715 Washington Ave Brooklyn, NY - Prospect Heights
    There are a number of cars parked on the sidewalk, even though the city just installed steel bollards to try to prevent it. Three of the cars in question have NY license plates: ETM8830, AXZ2955, and EUL9024
  • Test issue Archived
    545 Dean St Brooklyn, NY - Prospect Heights
  • 568 Carlton Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11238, USA - Prospect Heights
    Car illegally blocking sideway forcing pedestrian to walk on the street against busy traffic. Very dangerous!!
  • 620 Grand Avenue Brooklyn, NY - Prospect Heights
    It's been about two weeks since our last major snow storm, but this property is still impassable. The construction fence, combined with compacted snow and trash mean that pedestrians have to walk into traffic to walk down this street.