The Groton Line

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The Groton Line is a hyperlocal news web site serving Groton, Massachusetts.

Notified About

  • 1-29 Whiley Rd Groton, MA 01450, USA - Groton
    6 inch shoulder drop off
  • Pine Trail Groton, Massachusetts - Groton
    Deep Potholes all over Pine Trail. Another connecting road to the residents of this area. Please Fix Tommy and Groton DPW.
  • 519 Chicopee St. - Groton
    Damaged trash barrel
  • Potholes Archived
    Playground Rd Groton, MA - Groton
    A short area on this road between the playground and 119 has become almost impassable without bottoming out or having to go around it on surrounding lawns. Please repair this!!
  • 2-98 Champney St Groton, MA 01450, USA - Groton
    Thanks for making me walk in the street with the stroller. That's very safe. It's been here at least an hour.
  • Hayden Rd. Near Carmichael Groton, MA - Groton
    Several potholes where patches have been made previously.
  • Other Archived
    447 Nashua Road Groton, MA 01450, USA - Groton
  • Library Road Archived
    Playground Rd Groton, MA 01450, USA - Groton
    The road leading up the hill from the playground to Main St is in deplorable condition and just about anyone that drives to the library needs to exit on this road. Is there any plan to repair it?
  • graffiti Archived
    West Main & Groton Rd; Rte 225 Groton, MA - Groton
    "piff" on bridge; there is also graffiti spray painted on several street/stop signs in West Groton.
  • Fairway Drive Groton, MA - Groton
    Just after the sharp left uphill on Fairway Dr, a spring drains across and down the road for days after each rain and when snow melts. When it's cold, this water freezes causing a safety hazard when negotiating the corner.
  • Pothole Archived
    344 Main Street Groton, MA - Groton
    Right at the end of the left turn lane onto Main Street. It keeps getting bigger.
  • 164 Whiley Rd Groton, MA 01450, USA - Groton
    STOP sign is missing at the junction of Duck Pond Road and Whiley Road.