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  • I- 64 Newport News, VA - Newport News city
    Interstate 64 from Ft. Eustis Blvd to Jefferson Avenue needs to be widened to 3 or 4 lanes in each direction at least. Traffic backs up there everyday and it's almost as bad as the HRBT in terms of backup distance/time spent sitting.
  • Fort Eustis Blvd & Interstate 64 Newport News, VA - Newport News city
    Whenever Ft. Eustis steps up securit checks it causes a backup all the way to I-64 which in turn jams up traffic for miles in both directions on I-64. Surely Ft. Eustis can coordinate with the city of Newport News and/or the VA state police when they feel the need to step up security.
  • Fort Eustis Boulevard Newport News, Virginia - Newport News city
    Please make this a six lane road. there is not enough road for the volume of cars.
  • George Washington Memorial Hwy Gloucester Point, VA 23062, USA - US Congressional District VA1
    traffic lights to close together after toll booths major north bound traffic backups on route 17 at rush hour
  • George Washington Memorial Hwy Gloucester Point, VA, USA - Gloucester Point
    It would be nice if VDOT could please fix the light cycle at the Coleman Bridge. Now that they have added a second light to another intersection in the Gloucester Point area, traffic backs up over the bridge in rush hour traffic. VDOT please fix the light cycle!
  • 5824 George Washington Mem. Hwy Yorktown, VA - York County
    The green light cycle, turning left onto Rte.17 off of Wolf Trap Rd., is too short. With even 2 turn lanes, a total of 5 cars at most can make it through the light. During the morning work commute people can wait 2-3 full cycles before finally making it through the intersection. With the traffic coming out of Wawa and from the residents that green light needs to let more cars through.
  • 6831 George Washington Memorial Hwy Yorktown, VA 23692, USA - York County
    Way too many traffic lights on this road-Victory Blvd to Ft. Eustic Blvd. Daily Traffic Jams because of this. Make acceleration lanes merging onto Rt. 17. in lieu of all the traffic lights. Or, construct an HOV road that runs parallel to Rt 17 in both directions between these roads.
  • 610-638 Covina Street Newport News, Virginia - Newport News city

    People have been using Covina Street as an abandoned vehicle lot for at least 18 months. This blocks the line of sight of people exiting the condominiums and has caused many near accidents.

    Multiple residents have complained, but the police never come out and do anything. An old blue F-100 hasn't moved at all since 2013, which is so long that there is mud settled and caked around the tires. A white trailer has been there for nearly the same amount of time, but when a resident complains to the police, it will disappear for 2 days and then come back for months. When can a private citizen tow an abandoned vhicle? I would think 2 years would be enough time?

  • Virginia 105 Newport News, VA 23603, USA - Newport News city

    Exit 250A from I-64E ends with a blind no-merge-lane dump onto Ft Eustis (westbound toward the base). I drive through there at least twice a day at various times of the day and can count on being cutoff by folks blasting off that ramp and onto Ft Eustis Blvd without so much as even looking for right-of-way traffic. An officer could sit within sight of that merge and write tickets all day... tickets which should probably qualify for wreckless driving.

    I normally stay in the left lane near there to avoid the confrontation. But officials have reduced the speed limit to 35 on the westbound side of Ft Eustis due to a damaged guardrail. What's the big deal? Even if I drive 40 through there, I still get tailgated, passed on the right, and/or cutoff by people who insist on driving 50-55 on that road. Those speeds aren't bad when the limit is 45. But it's a bit obnoxious in a 35.

  • Brays Point Rd Hayes, VA 23072, USA - Gloucester Point
    All left turn lights on Hwy 17 in Gloucester should have a sign stating "Left Turn on Green, Vehicles yield to on coming traffic" or the such.
  • Interstate 64 Newport News, VA - Newport News city
    There are always backups and way too much traffic on 64 and Ft. Eustis interchange. Ft. Eustis should have it's own highway system into the base. 64 is overloaded.
  • 199 merge Archived
    1611 Penniman Rd Williamsburg, VA 23185, USA - York County
    At the merge section of the end of Hwy 199 and Penniman crossroad, (while traveling East), there is a sign that tell the traffic to merge to the RIGHT, but this is wrong, because the main road (Hwy 199) only is on the left side of this two lane area and the Correct sign should say "Merge to the LEFT". This error has caused several vehicles to be sent off the road when all are merging,(Because if you merge to the right you will run out of road) the sign has MISLEAD the traveler that is not familiar with this road. Please correct this sign to instruct all to "Merge to the LEFT". Thanks