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  • Westborough St Millbury, MA, 01527, USA - Millbury
    This section of roadway in Millbury directly abuts the entrance to Pointe Rok Drive. The road surface has not been maintained in many years and has been repeatedly patched and re-patched now to the point where vehicles even cross into the oncoming lane of traffic to avoid areas causing a safety concern in addition to the road surface itself. Grafton and Worcester maintain either of their end, and it can be clearly seen where this road starts and ends in Millbury. The state of this busy road and the lack of its maintenance reflects poorly on the town. Respectfully it should be a priority to resurface as soon as possible.
  • 6 Oakwood Lane Worcester, Massachusetts - Worcester
    This is a repeat pothole issue / chronic issue;
  • 107 Blithewood/Oakwood Lane Worcester, Massachusetts - Worcester

    There is no speed limit sign coming UP Blithewood Ave from Grafton Street. There IS a speed limit (20MPH) as well as SHARP CURVE signs posted coming DOWN Blithewood Ave, but nothing coming up.

    This is very dangerous corner for all residents trying to exit (left of right) from Oakwood Lane. Cars fly up the hill on Blithewood Ave, well past the speed limit & due to the sharp curve, there is a blind spot which is creating a very dangerous situation. It is only a matter of time before there is a very serious accident at this spot. We are formerly requesting the City / DPW / Police review this corner, speeds, and signage for the safety of the residents and guests of Oakwood Lane.

  • 11 Sunrise Avenue Worcester, MA - Worcester
    A stream runs down an embankment onto the street; this causes a serious sheet of ice all winter.
  • Oakwood Lane Worcester, Massachusetts - Worcester
    There are several areas of asphalt berm that were damaged by the winter plowing
  • 190 Swan Ave Worcester, MA 01602, USA - Worcester
    Deed Rock is a unique and irreplaceable historical artifact on a tract of land owned by the Worcester Airport Commission and is located in Worcester about a 1000 ft west of the Intersection of Swan Ave and Paris Ave. Exact GPS coordinates for Deed Rock are N42.25628 W071.86241. This irreplaceable artifact has been marred by graffiti (see attached photos from site visit on 03/25/10).
  • 3 Swan Ave worcester, ma - Worcester
    There are 4-5 pothole on swan ave street at Mill street intersection. Those potholes pose serious danger to ambulance and fire fighter who come in and out very often to help elderly people at the nursing home on swan ave.
  • Pot Holes Archived
    Dale Street Worcester, MA - Worcester
    Severe pot holes through-out entire street.
  • Blithewood Avenue Worcester, Massachusetts - Worcester
    Traveling west, uphill on Blithewood Avenue, Worcester, there is no speed limit sign approaching entrance and exit to/from Oakwood Lane. It is a blind curve. The only sign approaching Oakwood Lane is “Blind Driveway”. It is very dangerous to pull out of, or pull into Oakwood Lane due to that dangerous curve. Before new sidewalks were constructed it is my understanding there was a mirror installed across the street to assist residents of Oakwood Lane pulling out onto Blithewood Avenue. There is a 20 mph sign traveling east,only, on Blithewood, just beyond entrance to Oakwood. Vehicles speed uphill and down Blithewood Avenue which is potentially very dangerous for Oakwood Lane traffic.
  • 326 Clark St - Middle Of The Road Worcester , Massachusetts - Worcester
    The is a huge pothole in the middle of the road near 326 Clark St in Worcester, MA. Everyday I have to drive over it and it damages cars because it is becoming so big. This needs to be fill with asphalt so no car accident occurs from hitting the hole.
  • 20 Vassar St Worcester, MA - Worcester
  • Hawley St. Community Garden - 15 Hawley St Worcester, MA - Worcester

    Last year the City installed new sewer lines on Hawley Street. This sewer access cover frame was dumped by the contractors or DPW smack dab in the middle of the Hawley Street Community Garden/El Jardin Comunitario de Hawley.

    The snow has come and gone but the digging-up done by this sewer work has been left behind.

    Please help us get this monstrosity removed.

    Hawley Street Community Garden/El Jardin Comunitario de Hawley is one of the oldest community gardens in Worcester.