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  • Huge pothole Archived
    Vandegrift Blvd & Interstate 5 & Capistrano Dr Oceanside, CA 92058, USA - Oceanside
    There is a huge pothole right before the turn to Capistrano Street. Please fix it.
  • 15 Freeway San Diego, California - Oceanside
    On side of freeway , blue and black graffiti, on the concrete walls , on the exit Camino Del Norte , Before you hit Rancho Bernardo Area.
  • 385 Benevente Dr. Oceanside, CA - Oceanside
    Day sensor not working - light stays on 27x7.
  • 1206 Laguna St Oceanside, CA - Oceanside
    Street light out for over month, very dark area.
    Please repair ASAP
  • College Blvd Oceanside, California - Oceanside
    street light has been out more then a month now and its a very dark area, its the light on college blvd behind Palmetto Dr street before going into mission Murray houses. Needs quick fix
  • 1901 Corporate Centre Drive Oceanside, California - Oceanside
    There is a terrible odor coming from this location on a daily basis. It permeates the air of the surrounding businesses. I believe it is the sewer system that was designed improperly, unable to support the density of buildings like the Genentech facility. Will somebody get a the root of this problem and fix it?
  • bike path Archived
    5042 Tyler St Oceanside, CA - Oceanside
    At 4am young adults are hanging out drinking on the bike path behind the houses
  • 4803 Elm Tree Vista, California - Oceanside
    So loud
  • 1440 S Melrose Dr Oceanside, CA, 92056, USA - Oceanside

    It is terrifying to ride North on Melrose from the top of the hill through the intersection with Cannon Dr because there is so much gravel in the bike lane -- and the piles of it in the intersection. The car tires have forced the gravel into the bike lane and into triangular patches between lanes under the light. It is difficult to control a bike riding over so much loose gravel.

    Clickfix does not allow me to report the problem to the city. Does anyone know how to report this? I think the gravel may be too heavy for a street sweeper truck to pick up. Therefore, even if the street gets cleaned, it might just get spread over the lanes and then eventually forced back in toward the curb in the bike lane.

  • 1011 San Remo Irvine 92606 - Oceanside
    Construction was going on Friday, construction crew was using hole saw and cut our fiber in the attic.
  • 2200 (Even Side) Of Lincoln Alameda, California - Oceanside
    2200 (Even side) on Lincoln (corner with Walnut) needs to be repainted red. The color is mostly chipped away and what is still there is faded.