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  • Dump smells Archived
    8931 Holliday Dr Kansas City, KS 66106, USA - Shawnee
    Dump smells
  • 11015 Rowland Ct Kansas City, KS - Kansas City
    Street light has been burnt out for several months
  • 5th St And Splitlog Kcks 66101 Nw Corner - Kansas City
    storm drain floods everytime it rains and creates a large stream down the street to the drain at the other end that you have to jump over to get to your car.
  • Odor Archived
    9000 Holliday Dr Shawnee, Kansas - Kansas City
    Strong odor from dump when getting off and driving on holiday drive. : (
  • Gas leak Archived
    836 Homer Avenue Kansas City, KS 66101, USA - Kansas City
    Smells strongly of gas at 836 Homer Ave 66101
  • 10397-10405 State Avenue Kansas City, Kansas - Kansas City
    With the amount of traffic that Cerner has added over the past two years, something needs to be done about the road from the 435 interchange on State Ave. The whole intersection of State Ave and Village West Parkway needs to be repaved.
  • 4721 Canaan Lake Drive Kansas City, KS - Kansas City
    Street light out
  • 4400-4414 Fisher St Kansas City, KS 66103, USA - Kansas City
    There's graffiti on a KC Star newspaper box on the corner of 44th and Fisher.
  • On Johnson Drive At The Nb I435 Exit To Johnson Drive Shawnee, Kansas - Shawnee
    blue and white political sign located on the north side of Johnson Drive, just west of where the NB I435 exit to Johnson drive meets Johnson Drive this has been there since the 2017 election
  • 1201 Ne 43rd St Kansas City, MO - Kansas City
    I have contacted the city in regards to flooding on my property. There is a way to correct it but it won't even be considered for 18 months a more. I asked for a temporary fix until the 18 to 24 months, such as asphalt in front of my property in the same manner as a speed bumb to save my property from being damaged anymore. They tell me no and all the damages such as sink holes in my yard and flooding , the side walk to my front door has sunk and the asphalt drive has crack and sunk do to flooding in driveway are my responsibility to repair. All water from rain etc causes my yard, driveway and sidewalk to flood and all dirt, mud ends up in my driveway. It is a problem they admit to by one of their engineers came and looked at the problem. I can't afford the repairs now and 2 years from now when it will be worse. I have medical issues and I am not physically able to do the work my self. Jim Giles with the City told me to make a legal claim against the City if I I have a problem. I have pics emails etc regarding this matter. I need help. It is also causing other problems to my property.
  • 1 Royal Way Blue Ridge Cutoff Kansas City, mo - Kansas City
    hi the woman bernice the supervisor on the night shift team is very mean to people working . the people working have no breaks theyre feet back is hurting and bernice yells get back to work start working start moving get busy, the kauffman stadium clean up crew , she needs to be replaced she's also mean to pretty women , her family member works there and she says nothing to him walking around doing nothing. HELP PLEASE CAUSE THE STADIUM DONT CARE HOW WERE TREATED.
  • 4301 Mission Road Kansas City, Kansas - Kansas City
    There is a pothole in the middle of the intersection at 43rd and mission road. It looks like the area surrounding the manhole cover needs to be filled in.