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  • 1447 D Street Hayward, California - Upper B Street
    Trash dumped in alley way that is located between D Street and Clay Street. Trash includes cardboard boxes, crates, discarded metal and a sink.
  • 136-168 Winton Ave Hayward, CA 94544, USA - Burbank
    The asphalt here was replaced over a year ago but was never steam-rolled flat, but left to collect grit, gravel, glass, trash and general debris. The car lanes are nice and smooth - maybe from wear, but this situation forces cyclists off the bridge shoulder into the auto lanes.
  • ? Clawiter Rd/American Ave Hayward, CA 94545 - Mt Eden
    Clawiter road at American ave light is blocked by a large tree branch.
  • 281 Folsom Ave. Hayward, California - Tennyson-Alquire
    These folks painted the curb red so ridiculously just so no one is able to park there. Looking at Google maps, you can tell there never used to be paint on that curb, but now it's there.
  • 795 Sycamore Ave Hayward , Ca - Mission-Foothill
    This street Sycamore ave is dark.The city came to fix the main street Mission Blvd and toke the lights down to put up new one's for the new street.They had to reroute the power line's and lift Sycamore street dark.Every one use this street to cross over the over pass to get across the tracks or to go to the shops in that lil area.BUt since its been no lights there has been alot of drug dealers and robbery's due to this.
  • 26753 Wauchula Way Hayward, California - Southgate
    I have lived on this street for 5 Years and cars fly down our street daily mainly because we are the ONLY street in our neighborhood without any speed bumps. We have a day care on our street and my dog has been hit before. I have ran into the street to have cars slow down.
  • 500-598 Olympic Ave Hayward, CA, 94544, USA - Tennyson-Alquire

    2 Abandon Cars in Olympic Avenue, Hayward, since last year.

    1. KIA Optima License #8LWC310 Silver Color broken smashed window,passenger side
    2. Honda Accord EX License #7CBC307 Silver Color

  • Jackson And Santa Clara Hayward, CA - Hayward
    During rush hour the street light at Jackson and Santa Clara is extremely short for all vehicles exiting 92 eastbound. Traffic now backs up to hesperian or industrial becasue of the lights.
  • 485 Ramos Ave Hayward CA 94544, United States - Jackson Triangle
    Windshield smashed and been sitting here for months
  • 22557 Meekland Ave Hayward, CA 94541 - Burbank
    Homeless folks camping under the A Street overpass on Meekland. Near a school and public parks.
  • 31250 Wiegman Road Hayward, CA - Hayward
    Homeless encampment is back, behind the Sysco Guest Supply building by train tracks
  • 1857 W Winton Ave Hayward, CA 94545 - Hayward
    There are no crosswalks between Clawiter and Depot on W. Winton. Additionally, the majority of the sidewalk corners are not handicap accessible, which forces them to dangerously ride their wheelchairs in the street until they come to a driveway.