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  • Muscovy Ducks Archived
    8781 Northwest 14th Street Pembroke Pines, Florida - Pembroke Pines
    I have a neighbor who is feeding muscovy ducks. They are tearing apart lawns and the amount of poop is absurd. And when it's nesting season these ducks become very aggressive. Myself and a few other neighbors have brought to her attention the nuisance that these animals are but it appears that nothing is being done about it. I was wondering if there was anything the city could do to help. I have called a few animal removal company's and they want anywhere from $40-$100 PER duck. Thank you in advance.
  • Pines Blvd. Pembroke Pines, Florida - Pembroke Pines
    BabiesRUs located at Pines Blvd and near Flamingo Rd. has been having truck delivering merchandise at 5:30AM It used to be worst. The trucks used to come at 4:30am. However, they're still violating the noise control regulation. This is affecting our family's sleep. This has been happening for years. We have called the BabiesRUs manages several times, but they're not listening at all! We need your help on this.
  • Sw 64th Way Pembroke Pines, Florida - Pembroke Pines
    There is an ongoing speeding problem along this street. Speed limit is 25, and cars are easily going at speeds of 40+ toward Pines Blvd. And now recently, very loud motorcycles are heard racing here. This is a residential area with children and visibility is very limited because there is a curve on the road.
    It's an accident waiting to happen.
    We need speed bumps or something to get people to slow down.
  • Yellow Water Archived
    1102 Colony Point Circle #406 Pembroke Pines, FL - Pembroke Pines
    I live at 1101 Colony Point Circle 406
    Pembroke Pines. I have noticed that the water is yellow and has been for the past several weeks.
  • 1101 Nw 96 Terrace - Pembroke Pines
    Yard has not been mowed in months, old tire in front yard for weeks
  • 6500 Pines Blvd Pembroke Pines, Florida - Pembroke Pines
    I have talked to the head of code compliance about the trash situation at 6500 Pines Blvd shopping plaza ste 6496.. It is piled up behind my house in the ally way and they were made to get a dumpster.. Now the trash covers the dumpster and wastepro wont empty it because the dumpster is burried in trash. I have sent another email to Mr. Gramegna in code compliance but he will not respond to it.. The trash smells, attracts flies, rodents and opposums on my fence and it is impossible to enjoy my pool this summer. Also the same business that has the trash (ste 6496) Marches little kids up and down the alley behind my house on Saturday Afternoons between 4-5:30 pm in military form shouting "Sons of GOD") ATTENTION! and doing and yelling weird military stuff.. It is loud and I dont need this in a City Alley behind my house shouting weird religeous things in my backyard.. But wait, there's more! Then around 8pm this group puts up a big canopy in the trash consumed alley and have an open fire BBQ obstucting the whole city alley way and they park there cars behind my fence.. The noise is so loud with about 25 men hanging out in the alley behind my house till 1am in the morning..\My neighbors and I have called the police for noise concerns and open fire by my fence, but no patrol cars are ever sent! I know this because this group shines a industrial light against the building wall that shines right into my house and I have video cameras that I watch and no police in the two calls.. Please help our neighborhood. My next step will be going to the commisioner and then Mayor Ortis. Please send some one to take care of this situation that just started 6 months ago in this rotten decrepitated plaza which is bring our home values down and making the City of Pembroke Pines look like the slums..
  • Nw 24 Th Ct Pasadena Lakes - Pembroke Pines
  • Other Archived
    17601 Sw 2nd St Pembroke Pines, FL 33029, USA - Pembroke Pines
    Broken fences
  • 8201 Johnson Street Pembroke Pines, FL 33024, USA - Pembroke Pines
    Homeowner has a rooster crowing at all times in the early, early morning hours. We have tried to tolerate it however, it has become a problem.
  • 1700-1822 Northwest 106th Avenue Pembroke Pines, FL 33026, USA - Pembroke Pines
    The two speed humps installed on nw 106 ave and Taft street are too big. You can't even do the legal speed limit and have to crawl over them at 10 mph.
  • Other Acknowledged
    Pembroke Pines Florida - Pembroke Pines
    Can you please do a drive by 301 sw 66th ave P Pines loud noise from neighbors house refuse to lower music. Disturbing the entire block. Every weekend we go thru this. Freq drive by might help the Law Abiding Citizens enjoy their weekend
  • Other Archived
    1440 Southwest 87th Terrace Pembroke Pines, FL 33025, USA - Pembroke Pines
    Double parked on road. Cars and emergency vehicles will have trouble passing. These two cars are parked like this all the time. No cars in their driveways.