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  • 5104-5106 East Valencia Drive Orange, CA 92869, USA - Orange
    Streetlight needs a new bulb
  • 716-844 N Hewes St Orange, CA 92869, USA - Orange
    Trenches and potholes in asphalt
  • Walnut And Grijalva Park Orange, CA 92869, USA - Orange
    makes a fizzy noise; it's one of the nice new streetlamaps near Walnut
  • 777 N Morgan St Orange, CA 92867, USA - Orange
    At the corner of Morgan Ave and Collins St in Orange. So stupid...
  • 308 N Wayfield St Orange, CA 92867, USA - Orange
    Corner of Palm and Wayfield. Gray Toyota Corolla parked ON the corner making it impossible to turn right safely.
  • 231 N Wheeler St Orange, CA 92869, USA - Orange
    211 N. Wheeler St., Orange, CA. 92869
    Children/students of Chapman College baseball team renting home from Waypoint Homes apparently have a fixation with putting lawn chairs on the roof. Waypoint doesn't care. ARE THERE ANY COMMUNITY STANDARDS? Hard to maintain home equity with this kind of ignorance.
  • 1300-1318 North Cambridge Street Orange, California - Orange
    Right Turn Only lanes - Cambridge @ Katella; The City of Orange has painted the BIKE LANE on the right edge of the RIGHT TURN ONLY LANE, leading bicyclists to go straight on across Katella in conflict with right turning vehicles, or worse, to turn left onto Katella from the right curb lane. BIKE LANE should be dashed out BEFORE the right turn only lane begins, and extend between the split through & right turn lanes to facilitate bicyclists going straight. Bikes turning right can use the right turn only lane as any vehicle. Bikes going straight should NOT be using the right turn only lane. Newport and Lake Forest facilitate proper bicycle lane position with extending the BIKE LANE like this, and in addition, post a sign that says "BEGIN RIGHT TURN LANE YIELD TO BIKES" alerting motorists that they are crossing a Class 2 Bike Lane as they approach Katella.
  • 190 N Wheeler St Orange, CA 92869, USA - Orange
    2629 E. Chapman Ave., Orange, Ca. 92869
  • 988 N Hewes St Orange, CA 92869, USA - Orange
    Graffiti/tagging at N. Hewes St. and E. Julie Ave.
  • California 22 & Garden Grove Freeway Orange, CA 92866, USA - Orange
    Red graffiti
  • Vandalism Archived
    1239-1299 West Town And Country Road Orange, CA 92868, USA - Orange
    Stickers on back of sign- town & country at main- sign is in center median of Town and country just east of May
  • 126 Windy Pointe Orange, California - Orange
    Sidewalk Lifting on Windy Pointe Dr. Trip Hazard. Please fix!