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  • 2175 Willow Pass Road Bay Point, California - Concord

    I was at the playground at Todos Santos a week ago and saw a bunch of cockroaches crawling around in the tanbark and up the sides of the granite wall/seating area around the play structure. There were a few large ones and lots of small ones. Some of the kids were even chasing the large cockroaches and poking them with sticks.

    I don't know what brought the cockroaches there, and I shudder to think how many of them might be lurking under the tanbark, but I hope this gets taken care of.

  • 2898 Concord Boulevard Concord, CA 94519, USA - Concord
    The traffic signal for eastbound traffic on Concord Blvd turning left onto northbound Parkside Dr does not pick up bicycles in the left turn lane. I saw where the loop detector cuts were and even laid my bike on top of them, but still sat through two whole signal phases before I was forced to run the red light. Please fix!
  • 2445 Maple Ave Concord, CA - Concord

    Owner of green and white truck has not moved truck for over 2 months.

    Red and white truck in front of 2400 Maple has not moved for over 2 + months.

  • 917 Mohr Ln Concord, CA - Concord
    Live punk rock music was playing for hours on the night of 8/25/12 and could be heard for several hundred yards. How can this be legal in the middle of a residential area? People who do this could care less if someone wants to relax in their own home. See CA Penal Code 415.2.
  • 4407 Concord Blvd Concord, California - Concord
    The bike lane ends abruptly, then picks back up at Concord high school. Why is there not a continuous bike lane along this road?
  • 2795 Grant St Concord, CA 94520, USA - Concord
    Car must have hit the signal light and now it looks like one more hit and it would surely fall.
  • Sunshine Drive And Meadow Lane Concord, California - Concord
    The traffic signal for SW-bound traffic on Sunshine Drive at Meadow Lane does not appear to detect bicycles. I sat through several signal phases while on by bike today, right on top of the loop detector, and never got a green until a car finally pulled up behind me. Since both Sunshine Drive and Meadow Lane are bikeways it is very important that the signal detect bikes, so please have the loop detector recalibrated. Thanks!
  • Concord Avenue At I-680 Concord, California - Concord
    Some serious potholes, fissures and broken 'alligator-skin' pavement are opening up along the stretch of Concord Av eastbound under I-680. This condition is bad enough to damage tires or cause accidents as drivers swerve to go around.
  • 1086 Mohr Ln Concord, California - Concord
    This is across from 1084 Mohr Lane. There's a ton of leaves in there too.
  • 3598 Hillsborough Drive Concord, CA 94520, USA - Concord
    Dogs bark for hours at a time
    4 dogs live in the house
    Owners gone ALL THE TIME
  • 3890-3898 Village Road Concord, California - Concord
    There are no stop or yield signs at this intersection or any others in this neighbor hood. We were all most hit by driver who did not slow down while driving from Village Rd on to Lynwood Dr
  • 3807 Willow Pass Road Concord, CA 94519, USA - Concord
    Neighbors have cars for sale parked in front of my house and all up and down the street and around the neighborhood. People coming and going at all hours of the day and night. Possibly selling drugs. People knock on our door about the cars disturbing me and my family at all hours. Would like to see the red curb extended further to include the area in front of my house, we can't see cars coming down the hill from hwy 4 because of the many cars parked on the street in front of OUR house that do not belong to us, making it very unsafe to pull out of our driveway. PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THESE PEOPLE, THEY BRING DOWN THE QUALITY OF LIFE IN OUR AREA!!