York County, South Carolina

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  • 499 Lakeshore Parkway Rock Hill, South Carolina - Rock Hill
    Cars are traveling down a oneway street in the wrong direction. People are pulling out of the Social Security office and turning the wrong way into incoming traffic. I work in this business park and every week my coworkers and I have to avoid an accident by these people. Can something be done about this? There are signs clearly posted but they are being ignored!
  • 2750 Fox Trail Rd Clover, SC 29710, USA - US Congressional District SC5
    When traveling south on New Hope (279) once you hit S.C. it is nothing but pot holes. Large deep car damaging pot holes.
  • Corner Of Wrenbrook And Rocky Grove Glen York Sc 29745 - US Congressional District SC5
    There is a large sink hole in the Bethelfields HOA of York. Located behind sewer it is about 10-12 feet deep. I have contacted York CIty, and York County, as well as my neighbors. It is a cul de sac street however there are many kids in the community. We actually saved a rabit from the hole on Friday 1/18, However the county said they would be down to fix, and we have yet to see someone. I contacted 803-628-3056 On Jan 18th. We have placed plywood over the hole, however I see kids near it daily, and also I fear it will spread,
  • 124-198 N Jones Ave Rock Hill, SC 29730, USA - Rock Hill
    White street from Confederate Ave. to Workman street is full of potholes and bumps and probably hasnt been paved in many years and it is a disgrace to Rock Hill!
  • Hollis Lakes Rd... Between Ebenezer Rd. And Hwy 901.. - Rock Hill
    I Hollis Lakes Rd is a state run road, with a speed limit of 45 between Ebenezer Rd. and Hwy. 901.
    The speed limit on the rest of Hollis Lakes is 35mph. There are four subdivisions and two major companies on Hollis Lakes, where the speed limit is 45 mph. Over the years, there have been many bad accidents on this stretch of road. Last Thursday was a fatal accident on that road. The street was closed for almost 4 hours. Something needs to be done, before more people lose their lives to speeding on this stretch of road. Is this something that you could help us with.
  • 1475 Hollythorne - Rock Hill
    Ebinport Rd. in Rock Hill literally has more pot holes than every other road in Rock Hill. It is a main thorough fair between Cherry Rd and India Hook, which are two of Rock Hill's most busiest streets. Please help.
  • 2014-2300 S Carolina 5 York, SC 29745, USA - US Congressional District SC5
    This has been bad before winter. Now its out of control
  • 601-837 State Road S-46-962 Rock Hill, SC 29732, USA - Newport
    w. oak has not been repaved in over 15 years. everytime it rains it washes out and is extremley dangerous during heavy rain. many pot holes are left and it is patched time and again. 2 streets over near the high end houses they have repaved the whole road.
  • Concord Rd York, SC - US Congressional District SC5
    This street light has not worked in 6 months. I am not sure if it needs a new bulb or more maintenance, but the intersection of Concord Rd. and North Rd is dark and dangerous AND this is a school bus stop
  • 725 Bethel Street Clover sc 29710 - Clover
    it has been several years that this has been going on, numerous people have reported this problem to town of clover. water leaks around entrance to our shopping center area and in the winter cars slide because of water freezing... no one responses to problem
  • 2476-2498 Steele Creek Rd Fort Mill, SC 29708, USA - Tega Cay
    Massive pothole in the right lane going toward gold hill road.