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  • Bear Mountain State Pkwy Crompond, NY - Crompond
    Bear Mt extension at the bottom of Stony Street....many many accidents some fatal. I had my first accident in 25 years there 6 years ago and there is still nothing being done about it...we need a light there!
  • Taconic State Pkwy NY - Westchester County
    Stay in left lane to avoid massive potholes all over the place. Taconic State Parkway right after the bridge going over the resevoir.
  • 1 New York 133 Millwood, NY 10546, USA - New Castle
  • Traffic Circle @ Oregon/Westbrook/Redmill Cortlandt Manor, NY - Cortlandt Manor
    This is the most ridiculous solution to a traffic flow problem I have EVER seen. It is actually a very aggressive game of follow-the-leader. When one car enters the circle from any of the roadways, the entire string of cars behind it believe they have the right of way, and everyone else has to sit and wait. RIDICULOUS!!!!
  • Pothoes Open
    Fdr State Park Rd Yorktown Heights, NY 10598, USA - Westchester County
    The road between Strang Blvd and Route 132 has a large amount of potholes Pothole get repaired and then wash out. Potholes keeping coming back. The entire road needs to be repaved.
  • New York 987g Yorktown Heights, NY 10598, USA - Westchester County
    Left hand and Middle Lanes, numerous pot holes, south bound.
    General Comment: The south bound paving project from the south side of the Croton Bridge completed last year very much improved the pothole situation last year. Another such effort is required in the portions of the Taconic where the reported potholes are know being reported. Based on the map and my own experience it appears that the worst sections are between Underhill Avenue and Briarcliff. I can appreciate the States $$ budget issues, but the damage being caused to our vehicles is also not in our own budgets. Plus we rely on our cars to get to work. Today a wheel and rim replacement could run $500. > $700. x number of cars effected. I am sure that even a tempory repair is far less costly than a single tire / wheel repair. I thank you in advance for your coororation.
  • Rte. 202 Cortlandt - Cortlandt Manor
    The entire stretch of Rte. 202, from the Yorktown/Cortlandt line to Peekskill is riddled with numerous potholes and road hazards.
  • Taconic State Pkwy NY - Westchester County
    Roadway is littered with potholes from underhill ave to saw mill parkway
  • Briarcliff Peeksill Parkway Northbound, Croton on Hudson, NY 10520 - Croton-on-Hudson
    Driving northbound on Route 9 before the exit for the Croton-Harmon trainstation, if travelling in the middle lane you actually drive in and out of the pothole it is so large.
  • 110 Furnace Woods Rd NY 10567 - Cortlandt Manor
    Furnace Woods Road, from Maple Avenue to Watch Hill Road, filled with potholes, cracks and bumps.
  • 1526-1588 Maple Ave Peekskill, NY 10566, USA - Peekskill
    large potholes along maple avenue on the right side of road when heading towards Hudson Ave
  • Taconic State Pkwy Yorktown Heights, NY 10598, USA - Westchester County

    Northbound left lane taconic directly at the exit ramp for underhill avenue.

    It is not just one pothole. The area was patched already in th past (a 10ftx10ft section or so) and needs to be repatched