Steve Miklos

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Steve Miklos, Mayor

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  • 107 Appel Ct Folsom, CA 95630, USA - Folsom
    corner grocery did not comply with residential neighborly good faith to turn off shop lights after closing.
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  • Graffiti Archived
    9900 Greenback Ln Folsom, CA 95630, USA - Folsom
    Rainbow Bridge, graffiti on both sides of the arches. It needs to cleaned up and then fencing of some type to stop people from climbing on to the bridge on both sides.
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  • Glenn Dr Folsom, CA 95630, USA - Folsom
    2 tees down on the bike path.
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  • 700 Golf Links Dr Folsom, CA 95630, USA - Folsom
    In August I created an "Issue" requesting the city to install stop signs or traffic signals on Golf Links. Since then, there have been 2 children struck by cars in 2 completely separate incidents on Golf Links Dr. One has a broken tibia, and the other is still in the hospital. Please take this request seriously. The traffic on Golf Links needs to be forced to slow down. There are two schools and a park with children always present! Please install traffic lights or stop signs at silberhorn/Golf Links (near elementary school) and also at woodglen/Golf Links (Nisenan park entrance) to help the children cross the road safely. The cars are speeding down Golf Links, they are ignoring the crosswalks - this is an extremely dangerous situation. Please do not allow another child to be stuck by a car here.
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  • 955 Sterling Cir Folsom, CA 95630, USA - Folsom
    On sidewalk for years ...
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  • 344 Prewett Folsom - Folsom
    Black car parked in street for months not moved. No plates
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  • 1061 Brock Circle Folsom, California - Folsom
    The street light at the corner of our house property is going out. It is an orange color, goes dim then off. Then after some time it pops back on to orange color and starts the cycle again.
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  • 6004 Riley St Folsom, CA 95630, USA - Folsom
    Not sure what category this falls under, but since the location is at a park, I'm posting here. Livermore Park 1 (lower) seems to be the latest spot for a lot of teenagers to hang out, smoke pot, leave their trash all over the parking lot, and then drive through the lot like race car drivers. There are many young kids in the park or playing on the softball fields during these times. The police need to monitor the end of the lot...its been getting worse over the last few weeks.
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  • Stray Animal Archived
    273 Lisawood Dr Folsom, California - Folsom
    I have a racoon problem that is ripping up the whole streets lawns? What should I do?
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  • Sophia Pkwy Folsom, CA 95630, USA - Folsom
    Glass on southbound shoulder of Sophia Road just .10-.20 mile north (toward Alexander St.) of intersection with E. Natomas. There is glass where Sophia loses its shoulder and cyclists veer right into frontage road. Also glass on same southbound shoulder but about .10 farther north.
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  • Accessibility/ADA Acknowledged
    2130-2138 E Bidwell St Folsom, CA 95630, USA - Folsom
    Sidewalk ends for approx 50 feet casing pedestrians to have to go through gravel and onto road.
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  • 116 North Granite Circle Folsom, California - Folsom
    A new homeless camp. It's well hidden enough that I didn't see it walking down the trail, but upon my return. The camp is in the bushes just to the east of the trail that connects rodeo park and the canal trail.
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