Plaza-Midwood 28205

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Plaza-Midwood 28205

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  • 6600 The Plaza Charlotte, NC 28215, USA - Oak Forest
    The Plaza between Milton Road and W.T. Harris Blvd is very bad. Has been patched many times. Needs repaving now.
  • Bloom Plaza To J.W. Clay On N Tryon Street - University City South
    there are three lines riding up North Tryon from East Mallard. But, when you come up to the Bloom plaza that third line is really block off for you to get over in the Left lane then if your turning onto J.W. Clay then get back over in the Right lane which turns into a turning lane. Well, the problem here is that numerous people ride that lane out. I'm a safe driver licensed in GA and you will get a ticket riding over the other white lines. so if they can just fix it and make it a third right turning lane, I will be so happy.
  • Central Ave Charlotte, NC - Briarcreek-Woodland
    Going to and from Charlotte and passing through the Plaza Mid Wood area is a nightmare.
    Why is there not a turn only signal at Central and Pecan?? Traffic comes to a stop in the am and at the 4-6pm rush. The streets are narrow , cars drive around one another , waiting for someone to be injured or worse before anyone takes notice!
  • 13225 S. Tryon Street Charlotte, NC 28278 - Charlotte

    I work at the CMC Steele Creek Medical Plaza and live in Clover, SC. I have to make a u-turn everyday at this light. There is no turn signal for the turn lanes to be able to have the right away for a little time at least. Anytime between 5:00 and 6:00pm is the worst and only about one car can go per light cycle if you are making a u-turn. I would just like to be given the right of way instead of always having to pull into the intersection and waiting until it is yellow or red. This is very dangerous for everyone especially for those of us making u-turns. Please help get a turn signal to give us living towards SC a little ease in getting home.

    Thank you!!!

  • Central Ave And The Plaza Charlotte, NC - Plaza Midwood
    there is a dip in the brick walkway on central ave right after the light at the plaza which may cause a car to bottom out
  • 1300-1308 Brook Rd Charlotte, NC 28205, USA - Charlotte
    Police park in gas station (sometimes 4-5 patrol cars at one time) and let numerous run through red light infractions to go on. This has become very dangerous as pulling onto the Plaza from Brook Rd. has a nasty blind spot, always scared of being hit by someone running the light.
  • 931 Wilann Dr Charlotte, NC 28215, USA - Plaza-Eastway
    Overgrowth on corner of Wilann and The Plaza makes it unsafe to turn right on red.
  • 8300 Medical Plaza Dr Charlotte, NC 28262, USA - Mineral Springs-Rumble Road
    Left turn lights are needed at the intersection of Medical Plaza and WT Harris for north and south bound drivers.
  • W Ibm Drive And West Wt Harris Blvd - Rockwell Park-Hemphill Heights
    On the west side of IBM drive, all the folks from IBM and Wells Fargo are going straight through the red light and then doing a U-turn (right in the middle of the road) on Medical Plaza Drive which is NOT safe at all. The line to turn left from IBM onto Harris backs up clear to the Wells Fargo West enterence. If there was a turn arrow to the red light, traffic would move much faster (and safer)
  • 7934 Linda Lake Dr Charlotte, NC 28215, USA - Oak Forest
    the plaza road between WT. Harris & Milton Road the street is full of pot holes - as a matter of fact it needs to be totally repaved - the pot holes were patched work
  • 1833 Kenwood Avenue Charlotte, North Carolina - Plaza Midwood
    What is happening with all the added apartments/condos add these folks to the nightmare traffic on congested Central
    exactly how is that going to work???
  • 6640 The Plaza Charlotte, NC - Plaza-Eastway
    This area of The Plaza is so broken up and re patched cars bounce all over the road.