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  • 1918 Chislett St Pittsburgh, PA 15206, USA - Morningside
  • Baker St Pittsburgh, PA - Morningside
  • 5521 Beverly Pl Pittsburgh, PA 15206 - Highland Park
    Our road isn't very long but it is completely covered by potholes. I hate driving up and down it. It must be causing damage to any car that drives on it.
  • 7124-7198 Baker St Pittsburgh, PA 15206, USA - Morningside
    Baker St, from Jancey St to the Pittsburgh ZOO's entrance/Parking Lot, which is THE most popular tourist attraction in W. PA, is a disgrace! There are HUNDREDS of potholes.
    This is Not what Pittsburgh needs it's visitors to see or experience. Shame!
  • 7218 Ballard Way Pittsburgh Pa - Morningside
    2 huge potholes on ballard way near south end still there and getting bigger
  • Beverly Place Archived
    5517-5536 Beverly Pl Pittsburgh, PA 15206, USA - Highland Park

    whole street is full of potholes. It has not been paved in 20 years or so. It's been patched numerous times, but the patches come apart. The street needs to be paved, resurfaced.

    update: in april we received a postcard from the ward telling us that Beverly Place would be resurfaced. It hasn't yet...

  • 7207 Baker St Pittsburgh, PA 15206, USA - Morningside
    one at corner of chislett and one 300 yards back towards gallitin