34th Street Buffer District

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  • 34 Street PENN Station, Brooklyn, NY - Garment District
    Lots of garbage can be seen on the rail in the subway. The phenomenon exists not only in Penn Station, but also in many other subways. Sometimes you can even find rats running through... I think we need a clearner underground and it's important for our health.
  • Tunnel Exit Street New York, NY 10016, USA - Gramercy

    Huge pothole on left tunnel exit lane for 37th st cross town connected to a drain, no lane markings, busted up plastic dividers covered in gravel.

    Also recommend a digital traffic sign at the tunnel exit recommending which cross town routes to take so people aren't stopping at a choke point to figure it out.

  • 142 E 35th St. New York, NY - Murray Hill

    at the intersection of 35th and Lexington the left lane must turn left, and there is a sign there to tell drivers this.

    In the storm it looks like a truck or something hit it, and either turned it around (so it points the wrong way) or is broken at the base (under the snow)

  • 244 30th St - Chelsea
    please someone fix this huge pothole in the street that makes very loud sounds when ever car passes by.
  • 390 9th Avenue New York, New York - Chelsea
    Content blocked by rejections
  • 140 E 31st St New York, NY 10016, USA - Gramercy
    We have not had heat in this building & 138east since Oct.1 2009. We have called 311. Someone comes,then leaves.I wish someone could tell us why nothing has ever been done!
  • 33rd Street Just West Of Madison On The North Side New York, NY - Gramercy
    There is a cellar door that is collapsing and is set in to the sidewalk adjacent to a vacant lot on the NE corner of 33rd and Madison. Very Dangerous Fall possible.
  • 161-199 West 36th Street New York, New York - Garment District

    There are major potholes on W. 36th (off 7th Avenue). See pictures.

    This road should be on the list of those to be repaved

  • 902 6th Ave. New York, New York - Garment District

    Traffic cop @ 6th Ave. & 34th St. on weekday mornings is completely incompetent & dangerous. She consistently directs cars / trucks through red lights, crossing 6th Ave. traveling on 34th St., while the "Walk" signal to cross 34th St. is illuminated and pedestrians are crossing 34th St.

    The traffic cop never even bothers to look in the direction of the pedestrians crossing; while directing the cars / trucks through the red light! Every morning I see a pedestrian almost hit by a car / truck...yes every morning!!! Is this part of the brilliant mayor's Vision Zero traffic safety plan?!? The traffic cop is actually increasing the danger, not reducing it!!!

  • Pothole Archived
    101-105 W 35th St New York, NY 10018, USA - Garment District
  • 100 West 36th Street - Garment District
    Many deep, large potholes. people have to drive off the road just to use the street.
  • Madison Ave 220 New York, New York - Murray Hill
    makes the area unlivable. is transalt involved? can bloomberg please do something about this?