Metro Council Nashville District 31

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Watching issues created after: 2011-04-19

District area created in 2011 as a result of the new Census data.

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  • Stephens Ridge Way cane Ridge, TN - Cane Ridge
    too many cars parked along both sides of street leave barely enough room for one car to get through on side streets of Hidden Creek subdivision; also along Morning Dr, Daybreak Dr, and Sundown Dr. Difficult for emergency vehicles to get through, and dangerous for children with all the cars and curves blocking views.
  • 6716 Nolensville Pike Brentwood, TN - Cane Ridge
    un-named street, from medical center, does not have a left turn signal on the traffic light for cars going south on Nolensville rd. There is a left turn signal, for cars going north on Nolensville rd, at the Concord rd intersection. I have seen several near misses from cars going straight to Concord Rd. Timing of turning arrow has always been too quick, especially during peak traffic times.
  • Nolensville Rd And Brentwood Highlands Dr Nashville, TN - Cane Ridge
    Our development was built with only one entry or exit point at Nolensville Rd. As a result, a very dangerous situation exists for residents desiring to exit the development from Brentwood Highlands Drive (BHD) onto Nolensville Rd during rush traffic hours. This situation has greatly worsened since the expansion of Lenox Village, Super Wal-Mart, Budget Tire Outlet, Lowes, and the continued expansion of residential developments to the south along Nolensville Rd. During the hours of 7am to 9am and 4pm to 6pm it is extremely difficult to safely exit the development, and at times, as many as 8 or more vehicles back up on BHD waiting to exit. This situation is worsened even more in the morning rush as Nolensville Rd southbound vehicles turning left into the IRS office lot immediately across Nolensville Rd are attempting to enter the IRS lot. Often 6 or more vehicles are attempting to turn left in this situation. This makes a vehicle turning left from BHD onto Nolensville Rd a very treacherous undertaking, and there have been many serious collisions at this intersection. Our HOA has made numerous contacts with city representatives requesting a traffic signal to better control this situation, but nothing has been done. If a signal is installed, it could be limited to the rush hours mentioned. This matter is of great concern to our entire development.
  • Pettus Nashville, TN - Cane Ridge

    A turn lane needs to be added for either left or right turns from Pettus Rd onto Nolensville Rd. During rush hours it is nearly impossible for someone to make a left turn, and then you have those wanting to make a right turn squeezing by and sticking their cars out into traffic on Nolensville.

    The fence line that runs along Nolensville Rd at that intersection also needs to be moved back for those making a left turn to more easily see what is coming from the left.

  • Bienville Dr Nashville, TN - Cane Ridge
    We live in the condos right off Nolensville Rd, on Bienville Dr. Numerous times, while pulling out of our parking lot and onto Bienville, we have nearly gotten hit by cars that speed up and down Bienville. There are no stop signs on Bienville until you dead end into Sunnywood Dr (almost a quarter of a mile and all downhill). Many cars choose to avoid the school zone on Nolensville by speeding down Bienville and taking Sunnywood. I used to jog and bike ride on our street but I cannot anymore because I've almost been run over three times while crossing Bienville. It is terrifying to see people fly up and down our street and we really need a speed bump somewhere on Beinville. Please.
  • 6000 Nolensville Rd. - Cane Ridge
    Nolensville Rd. south of Old Hickory needs widening. There is way too much rush hour traffic for a two lane road.
  • 13601-13611 Old Hickory Blvd Antioch, TN - Antioch
    Old Hickory Blvd from Pettus to Burkitt needs to be repaved. There are SEVERAL potholes and dips in the road. A few dips were filled in several months ago, but they're still almost as bad as before they were "filled in". Drivers cross the center line to avoid the dips and come close to hitting oncoming vehicles. There are also little to no shoulders and it makes for a very tight squeeze when dump trucks and school busses are coming towards you.
  • Pettus Rd/Nolensville Pike Intersection Davidson, TN - Cane Ridge
    Every day I use Pettus Rd to get onto Nolensville Rd. I work in Cool Springs. Some mornings it takes half of my commute time just trying to get off Pettus onto Nolensville. We sure could use a traffic light there!
  • Brook View Estates Drive Antioch , TN - Antioch
  • 5201 Bluehole Rd - Antioch
    Dangerous spot on bluehole rd
  • Sugar Valley Drive - Cane Ridge
    The entrance to Sugar Vally and alternate entrance to Lenox Village is in desparate need of a traffic signal. With the rush hour congestion and school zone, it is almost impossible to enter the highway from Sugar Valley.
  • Bell Rd. @ Blue Hole antioch, TN - Antioch
    At Blue Hole and Bell Rd. at the light, people cross over in the mornings in the right turn only lane and try to run ahead of traffic almost causing wrecks some mornings. They also keep people from turning right onto bell if they are stopped there.