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  • 44095 - Eastlake
    @ 5pm (ish) the E 305 Exit Ramp gets back up. People on 305 constnatly run the light and block the intersection. Sometiimes now cars get through. I've waited over 20 minutes to get off the exit ramp. The lights at that intersection need to be adjusted horribly and a police officer should ticket violators (people running lights)
  • Lakehurst Drive 44095 - Eastlake
    So tired of the hondas, and the rice burners speeding down my street late at night, and early in the morning. Their stereos are so loud my windows shake, and their cars are really gonna hit and kill someone or something. Some live on Lakehurst, some live on Shore, and some on Bayshore. I could tell u where most of these young men live, and they should speed elsewhere such as on the freeway where the police will catch them!
  • 35001 Lakeshore Blvd Timberlake, OH 44095, USA - Eastlake

    What is it going to take for Timberlake police to realize that public safety is more important that catching everyone that commits a minor infraction in their little area?

    My family and I were on our way home from dinner Wednesday night and turned right on to Lakeshore Blvd and out of nowhere the Timberlake officer almost sideswipes me (WITHOUT LIGHTS OR SIREN). He gets behind a car and pulles it over.

    Timberlake Officers!!! If one person gets away there will be another that comes along within a few minutes. Stop being so gunghoe and relax before one of you kill someone that is simply driving with their family.

  • 35300 Vine St eastlake - Eastlake
    During this construction season people keep blocking the intersection of 91 & vine st. Maybe a sign or police citing people might help this situation. All this does is back up traffic more.
  • 33700 Vine St. Eastlake, OH - Eastlake
    Content blocked by rejections
  • 34972-35098 Lake Shore Blvd Timberlake, OH 44095, USA - Eastlake
    Please identify Lakeshore in front of Eastlake City Hall is this Eastlake or Timberlake? It is strang that the City hall and police station are in Timberlake.
  • Stop sign Archived
    1330 Waverly Rd Eastlake, OH 44095, USA - Eastlake
    The stop sign that was recently moved is causing huge problems now that the 2 driveways which were 'protected' by the stop sign are now being blocked by drivers. There is a driveway around the bend from 331st onto Waverly which cannot be seen because of shrubbery. Please post a "Hidden Drive" sign on 331st so the cars can enter & exit their driveway safely. Also that house and the house across the street are having trouble entering & exiting their drives because the stop sign has been moved. Police are sitting there monitoring the stop sign for violators, but they cannot do anything about the positioning. The city really needss to review this intersection to make it safe for the residents.
  • 34461 Roberts Rd Eastlake, OH 44095, USA - Eastlake
    This car or van is on the north side of Roberts road all the time and will cause a accident, why don't the police have it towed? It seems to be parked overnight also.
  • 34301-34499 Eastlawn Dr Eastlake, OH 44095, USA - Eastlake
    We need more of a police presence here at the intersection of 344, Eastlawn , and 343. No one stops at this intersection. The elementary school is down the street and access to a city pool is at the other end. someone's child is going to get run over