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Zip code 30345. Lakeside High School and nearby residential neighborhoods.

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  • 3906 3910 Briarcliff Rd Ne Atlanta, GA - DeKalb County
    For the 10 years I have lived off Oak Grove, there has been a huge dip in the road just feet from the Briarlake and Briarcliff intersection on Briarcliff Rd. It is so big that you have to slow down going over it or you rish bouncing into the oncoming traffic.
  • 2215 Dogwood Lane Ne Atlanta, GA - DeKalb County
    The street light at the end of Dogwood Lane is out.
  • Kirkland Dr. Ne Atlanta, GA - DeKalb County
    Several large evergreens close to the intersection with Oak Grove Road prevent a safe walk route for kids going to the bus stop or walking to the high school. The stop sign is also blocked from view. I think this is on a county easement and not private property.
  • Briarcliff Rd And Briarlake Rd DeKalb County, Georgia - DeKalb County
    Yesterday, some really bright installers installed new pressure plates so the lights would change when traffic is at stoplights, going south on Briarcliff Rd. and going west (dead ends into Brarcliff Rd). They put in big white lines BEFORE new pressure plates begin! Now, one must wait in forever until the first person waiting in line figures out they gotta go OVER the NEW WHITE LINE to get the light to change. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE WHO INSTALL THESE?
  • 3436 Briarcliff Rd Ne Atlanta, GA 30345, USA - DeKalb County
    This is a very busy road that connects Oak Grove Rd. to Clairmont, and it is an entirely residential area. The lanes are thin with no where to walk at all.
  • Pothole Archived
    3495 Briarcliff Road NE, Atlanta, GA - DeKalb County
    Large pothole on Chrysler Drive near the intersection of Chrysler and Briarcliff. It is directly in front of my driveway. One repair attempted and failed. The hole is even larger.
  • 2038 Abby Lane Atlanta, GA - DeKalb County
    This pothole was paved over after previous SCF posting but is starting to cave again.
  • 2146 Meadowcliff Drive Northeast Atlanta, GA 30345, USA - DeKalb County
    Pothole getting worse
  • 2280-2300 Abby Lane Northeast Atlanta, GA 30345, USA - DeKalb County
    Can catch a tire or worse
  • 2441 Valhalla Dr Atlanta Dekalb, GA - DeKalb County
    Street lights are out on Valhalla Dr
  • 1649 Crestline Drive Atlanta, GA - DeKalb County
    Dekalb County Public Safety (or whoever puts these things out): THINK FIRST!! Speeders abound on this stretch of Crestline, but GOING SOUTH! Mobile device is visible to cars going North UPHILL! Should have been placed just South of the Chrysler-Crestline intersection for cars accelerating coming DOWNHILL on Crestline.
  • Poltholes Archived
    2449-2469 Greenglade Rd Ne Atlanta, GA - DeKalb County
    Two large potholes on Greenglade at the intersection with Oak Grove