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Watching issues created after: 2011-04-25

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(This email address was taken from the contact info on the 311 page of the City of Birmingham's website)

Notified About

  • Cammack Rd Birmingham, AL - Birmingham
    Road needs repair numerous pot holes and rough conditions
  • 126 32nd St S Birmingham, AL 35233 - Birmingham
    The railway tracks at this intersection are in horrible condition with exposed spikes and ditches.
  • Pothole Open
    304 Oxmoor Rd Homewood, Alabama - Birmingham
    Pothole damaged 2 tires
  • 2407-2455 Highland Ave S Birmingham, AL 35205, USA - Birmingham
    Old John carol site. Larger more prominent tag on corner
  • 1762-1798 1st Ave S Birmingham, AL 35233, USA - Birmingham
    ADA truncated dome pad is cracked and has holes. NW corner of 18th and 1st ave S at railroad park.
  • 1900-1998 1st Ave S Birmingham, AL 35233, USA - Birmingham
    Cars cannot safely pass in east bound lane of first avenue between 19 and 20 because vehicles in need of repair at Adamson Ford partially block lane.
  • 1376-1398 29th St S Birmingham, AL 35205, USA - Birmingham
    Layers of graffiti accumulating on apartment fence and dumpster @corner of Niazuma/Pawnee and 29 thSt. S.
  • 2748 Milner Court South Birmingham, AL - Birmingham
    Street light on circle at milner court south has been out since the power outage on april 19th.
  • 3600 Montclair Road Birmingham, Alabama - Birmingham
    There is a bad pothole/sunken section of road all the way across the northbound lane of Montclair Road near where it intersects with Country Club Road. People swerve into the turn lane and oncoming traffic to avoid it. It is especially dangerous to motorcycle riders. It has been reported to Birmingham 311 on multiple occasions and is still not repaired.
  • 2410 5th Ave S Birmingham, Alabama - Birmingham
    The street light (Labeled CB24-2) at 2410 5th Ave S, randomly flickers on and off at night. It stays off for about 10-15 minutes at a time. There's been some vandalism at this location, so the light is needed.
  • 1401-1499 1st Ave S Birmingham, AL 35233, USA - Birmingham
    Large YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL and gang graffiti @ the skate ramps @ Railroad Park
  • 1-99 14th St S Birmingham, AL 35203, USA - Birmingham
    Graffiti on can and on columns walking North along 14th at west end of railroad park at underpass under railroad tracks