J. Guy Henson, City Manager

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J. Guy Henson, City Manager

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  • 6608 Se 5th St - Corner Of Se 5th & Fox Dr Midwest City, OK - Midwest City

    The street lights are out on SE 5th Street. Its at the corner of SE 5th & Fox Dr.. There is a sharp corner there with no lights.

    Thank you!

  • Cut feeder Acknowledged
    10625 Se 29th St Oklahoma City, OK, 73130, USA - Midwest City
    Feeder was cut by superior construction management while digging a trench. I was able to splice the .625 feeder back together to restore services to Dolese. I used a .625 splice and about a foot of 1700 heat shrink.
  • Tinker Diagnoil And Sooner Road. Del city, Oklahoma - Midwest City
    Located right in front of Carl's jr at tinker diagonal and sooner road. Huge pot hole with bad bumps.
  • 1732 S Sooner Rd Midwest City, OK 73110, USA - Del City
    People frequently cut the corner when turning from northbound sooner onto wb tinker diagonal. Signs or lines might be useful.
  • Light is out Archived
    1314 Parkwoods Ct Midwest City, OK - Midwest City
    The street lamp at end of cul de sac is out and there is gang activity here.
  • Pothole Archived
    1-47 West Turnbull Street Midwest City, OK 73110, USA - Midwest City
    Pothole leaving shopping center at lowes exit
  • Sandra Drive PELION, South Carolina - Midwest City
    sandra drive has areas that flood and there is standing water where road crews have cut drainage lines. the drainage lines allow the water to stand in the road way for days. dangerous conditions for cars and the school buses.
  • 10400-10498 Futurity Drive Midwest City, Oklahoma - Midwest City
  • 8930-8998 Southeast 15th Street Midwest City, Oklahoma - Midwest City
    System is not turning green
  • 2100-2198 Carpenter Drive Midwest City, Oklahoma - Midwest City
    The street light on the corner of General Senter Dr and Carpenter drive has been burned out for a few days. Thanks!
  • 3109 S Douglas Blvd Oklahoma City, OK 73150, USA - Midwest City
    The northbound lane this location needs repainted middle stripe due to curvature in the road multiple accidents almost occur daily due to unexpected lane and drives do not realize lane curve and they continue straight
  • Se15th & Midwest Blvd Midwest City, OK - Midwest City
    Traffic control lights are heavily favoring Norht/South lanes... even when there are no vehicals. Unlike several months ago, these lights are now slow to respond to East/West traffic causing needles delays. WHAT HAPPENED??