Cecil B. Moore to Morse St. bet. N. 5th & N. 6th

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Tires, tires, tires and other garbage.

Location: The large empty and lot on N. Randolph between Cecil B. Moore and W. Montgomery St. Address is between 1770 and 1790. Lot has no address.

Problem: Huge mound of rubbish. 25 - 30 discarded tires, half of a water heater, various bags of garbage (maybe 20) and other debris.

From my window I have watched people who live in the homes on N. Reese between W. Montgomery Ave. and N. Morse St. walk out and deposit their trash bags and other ru

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  • 1716-1798 N Randolph St Philadelphia, PA 19122, USA - Kensington

    This vacant lot seems abandoned. There are a pile of 25 - 30 tires strewn about the sidewalk. Residents of N. Reese St. dump their garbage bags here (I, myself, have seen this done 3 times). Other items such as carpet ripped from a dwelling, half a water heater and other items are dumped here.

    Not only dirty but dangerous.

  • 1600 Block Of Randolph Street 19122 - Kensington
    Block is mostly vacant lots, and the back of industrial buildings. Has been a chronic spot for some time.