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  • 100-170 Shakespeare St Daly City, CA 94112, USA - Daly City
    Currently half of Shakespeare resides in Daly City and the other half resides in San Francisco. The northwest portion of Rhine is also in SF, while the southeast portion is in DC. This intersection has no stop signs on any corners. People usually fly by down Rhine going north and most people fly through Shakespeare going east, without slowing down. I haven't seen any accidents, but a couple of close calls.
  • pothole Archived
    Skyline Boulevard Daly City, California - Daly City
    On Skyline Blvd. northbound near John Daly Blvd. potholes in left lane
  • Hickey Blvd Daly City, California - Daly City
    Widow Maker tree branch. North side Hickey, between SB 280 Off ramp & Gellert. Several trees have broken hanging branches that look like they could fall & hurt or kill someone. I removed one branch but other remain. See attached for image of branch.
  • Skyline Blvd & Ca-1 & Cabrillo Hwy Daly City, CA 94015, USA - Daly City

    At the bottom of Junction 35 southbound to 1 Northbound ALL signage lighting is out as well as the streetlights for the interchange.

    The whole area is pitch black at night

  • Pothole Open
    1265 Skyline Boulevard Daly City, California - Daly City
    There is a big pothole at this location.
  • Trees Archived
    391 Mandarn Dr. #301 Daly City, California - Daly City
    The bushes/trees along the West side of ECR across from COSTCO are over grown & hanging over the retaining wall blocking at lease 1/2 of the side walk width. There are two sections of this but the image only shows that main one. They need to be cut back.
  • Other Archived
    100 Sutton Av South San Francisco California - Daly City
    this building popped up over night, is this legal?
  • 8088 Junipero Serra Boulevard Daly City, California - Daly City
    This CalTrans yard is a hazard. In the morning, there are cars parked halfway in the lane during the busy morning commute. Also, there are dozens of people that are illegally crossing Juniopero Serra to get to the yard. The inevitably will be a traffic accident and someone is going to get hurt if the city allows this to continue.
  • 245 Dundee Drive Daly City, CA 94080, United States of America - Daly City
    Car in front of 250 Dundee has been here for months and motor home in front of 249 Dundee is blocking the front of their house so they have to take up parking in front of neighbors homes.
  • 8088 Junipero Serra Boulevard Daly City, California - Daly City
    This CalTrans yard is a dangerous place in the morning. Illegally parked vehicles and double parking on Junipero Serra. Also, pedestrians that must work at that yard crossing the lane illegally cause major traffic issues. Someone is going to get hurt on this busy boulevard.
  • Graffiti Archived
    Hickey Boulevard South San Francisco, CA - Daly City
    graffiti on JS/Hickey on stone retaining wall (PD report #18-6013)
  • 1659-1699 Southgate Ave Daly City, CA 94015, USA - Daly City
    trash on hillside under highway along sidewalk. been there LONG time. shame on you for not picking it up