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  • 400-446 State Highway 82 Santa Clara, CA 95050, USA - Santa Clara
    The four way cross stop sign on the corner of The Alameda and El Camino needs blinking crosswalk lights and blinking stop sign for pedestrians. There are too many cars trying to rush through to reach the light which has caused a few pedestrians to get hit. I have witness this happening and this needs to be fixed!
  • 909 Kiely Boulevard Santa Clara, CA 95051, USA - Santa Clara
    at the front play structure, the tunnels have vandalism and inappropriate language that children should not see
  • pothole Archived
    Highway 280 Southbound And 85 Intersection Santa Clara, CA - Santa Clara
    Huge pothole on 280 south bound before 85 crossing. Just hit it today and cracked open one of my wheels.
  • 3rd Street Just West Of Santa Clara Alameda, California - Santa Clara
    On 3rd street just west of the cross street Santa Clara there is a street light that no longer comes on at night. The lights on this street are already fairly dim, so having one out is a serious issue for me on my walks.
  • 2339 Monroe Street Santa Clara, California - Santa Clara
    pothole about 1 sft and 2 inches deep right on the white line of x-walk and lane 1 N bound.
    why is this not getting fixed in a reasonable time?! been there for 5 month or more
  • El Camino Real Santa Clara, California - Santa Clara

    The el camino real in santa clara is in a very bad condition.
    The stretch starting from Lawrence express way to lafayette street is terrible. Especially the right lane going west-to-east has lots of potholes.
    Cars try to avoid potholes and drive zig-zag causing dangerous driving conditions.
    Ride is extremely bumpy especially for people with health conditions.

    The Sunnyvale stretch has been recently re-laid. I dont know why the Santa Clara portion is till this terrible.

    Intersection of Scott blvd is particularly terrible.

    Please relay atleast the right lanes.

  • Los Padres Blvd Santa Clara, CA - Santa Clara
    The traffic light on Saratoga Ave and Los Padres Blvd stays green for driving on Saratoga very briefly and then turns red. I have noticed this quite often and I made a youtube clip of it to show my point:
    In the video clip you will see that the light remains green for about 10-12 seconds each time. I have witnessed even shorter time closer to 5-6 seconds. I hope it gets fixed and the light stays green for a little longer, since Saratoga Ave is a major road compared to Los Padres.
  • Missing lid Archived
    238-298 Buckingham Dr Santa Clara, CA 95051, USA - Santa Clara
    Missing lid on utility access
  • Lakeside Dr santa clara, California - Santa Clara
    multiple road excavations that were hap-hazardously repaired from curb past the white line into the road are uneven and bumpy (a severe hazard fro bike riders in particular) one patch on the entire size of 1ft by 4 ft is sinking and now about 4" below road surface
  • 410 Knowles Ave Santa Clara, CA 95050, USA - Santa Clara
    light poll # 16B11 light is burnt out.
  • Calabazzas Blvd And Warburton Ave Santa Clara, CA - Santa Clara
    It appears that many do not understand or care that this intersection is a 4 way stop
  • 2999 Butte Street Santa Clara, California - Santa Clara

    this white hydrant is constantly dripping. Please do something to save the water. It;s located by the front 2999 Butte St (at the corner of Butte & Alpine)