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  • 3515 Bennetts Creek Park Road Suffolk, VA - Suffolk
    During medium to heavy rain storms, this road floods and causes issues and safety concerns for residents. This is the only eit road from several neighborhoods and people are forced to travel through high water. There is an elementary school entrance right in the middle of the flood section Creeekside Elementary. Whomever built this road obviously did not consider drainage or correct placement of drains to handle flow of water. Disgrace to those engineer roads. Also terribly unsafe for drivers.
  • Post to neighbors Acknowledged
    4440-4452 Old Mill Rd Suffolk, Virginia - Suffolk
    This area has been temporarily fixed for several times now. It appears there is something causing this pothole to reoccur. It needs to be look into more and a permanent fix be done instead of continuing to spend money on time, people, equipment, and temporary materials. I feel this area needs more attention than what it is receiving.
  • Pot holes Acknowledged
    Near 211 Freeman Mill Road Suffolk, Virginia - Suffolk
    South of 211 Freeman Mill Rd there are several pot holes
  • 134 Greenfield Crescent Suffolk, Virginia - Suffolk
    There is a crack in the asphalt where water comes out. Spot never dries.
  • Pavement problem Acknowledged
    660 Carolina Road Suffolk, Virginia - Suffolk
    There is a large hole in the road where Dill road meets Carolina road. Just turn on and off of it a few times and you will feel it and you can also see it because water stands in it when it rains.
  • 5237 Norfolk Street Chesapeake Virginia - Western Branch North
    Overgrown grassy area that the city of Suffolk VA or Chesapeake VA want claim. Lots of snakes in this area not safe for the children to play in the yard.
  • 100 East Constance Road Suffolk, Virginia - Suffolk
    Many drivers make an illegal u-turn or cut through the hotel parking lot creating dangerous situations. Drivers often race through the parking lot trying to beat the traffic signal at Main St.
  • 109 Turlington Rd Suffolk, Virginia - Suffolk
    I called a month ago to have the ditches cleaned out. Finally, today it got done. The city of Suffolk left a mess (dirt, grass, and trash) on my property. I request for the city of Suffolk to remove the mess from my yard.
  • No Sidewalk Archived
    4948 County Road 626 Suffolk, VA - Suffolk

    There is no sidewalk along a 45 mph road and at this curve it becomes very dangerous. Many people walk on the side of the road including children.

    The sidewalks on Shoulders Hill are sporadic - especially between Pughsville and Bridge road - they are heavily foot-trafficked... but multiple crossings are needed to stay on a sidewalk and no sidewalks are present in some areas.

  • 3801-3871 Indian Trail Suffolk, Virginia - Suffolk
    This area continuously receives potholes and the city repairs in a timely manner. This issue I feel like is in the drainage pipe. There are 2 or more pipes that cross underneath the road and that is causing problems with the asphalt. I am not sure if the pipe has a hole in it causing the potholes to appear or if it is another issue. When vehicles cross this area it feels like you are riding over railroad tracks and can be dangerous. When looking at the area it has been patched in 2 large areas in the middle of the road and, 3 areas along the edge of the road. I feel like this area needs more attention to try and figure out what is causing the problem.
  • 5300-5348 Shoulders Hill Rd Suffolk, VA, 23435, USA - Suffolk
    Long, narrow separation has formed at junction of two separate paved sections of the road. Vehicles turning left onto southbound Shoulders Hill Rod will hit this gap unless ducking down onto the grassy shoulder.
  • 8569 Crittenden Rd Suffolk, VA, 23436, USA - Suffolk
    This Patch of a previously filled pothole has become a nuisance upon multiple issues. It's become an annoyance in noise; it is shaking the entire foundation of my premises. The foundation of my home has slowly been unaligned, and I have noticed these abundant issues that have been caused by the vibration from these 10,000-pound dump trucks, 18 wheelers, constructive repair businesses with trailers, or the occasional drivable farm equipment.
    The main business that has my home foundation moving is the Crittenden Sand Pit 7731 Crittenden Road Suffolk, Virginia 23432. These trucks are at least 10K alone, and with the addition of transported goods, these trucks are now double to triple the weight as their passing through to reach Route 628- Crittenden Rd & Bridge Rd. The amount of the trucks passing back and forth 5-6 times a week, daily, within the hours of 5:00 A.M. - 3:30-5 P.M. I have my home convulsed off its foundation, with visible damage throughout my home. Seeking the acquired help, this is now my 3rd or 4th filing of this form.
    I have a 9-month-old baby and my two daughters who also reside in my home. My daughter, who has her child, has been paranoid and is frightened for her child's safety. My residence is a two-story home. The massive vibrations impact the foundation and internals of my house, which has caused damage inside and outside. Acquiring a list of external and internal injuries of the ongoing falterings can be provided. Physically feeling the aligning of my floors; portions throughout have sunk from the grounds being shaken. Which can be felt with a step, as well as noticed if an object is upon it.
    With having my granddaughter residing here and both my two daughters, I'd like to have the city assess these issues. I've already spent more than I needed to try and maintain as much as I could to my home. Though with the ongoing case, I am losing more my earned capital than living and providing. Forcibly I'm having to take my hard-earned money and tossing it to the house as I continue with destructive issues being caused by this nuisance 40 ft. from my front door.