Union City Public Works

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Union City Public Works

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  • 100 Manhattan Ave Union City, NJ, 07087, USA - Union City

    Between the light rail and Manhattan Ave to the north and south of The Doric their are homeless camps set up on the side of the cliffs. These areas cause many disturbances, pollution, garbage and a danger to the public. They are infested with rodents, trash; fecal toxins.

    Over the past 3 month their has been 2 fires and one death. Who is responsible for this piece of land? How many more lives need to be taken before someone takes responsibility for these dangerous sites?

  • 318-400 Palisade Ave Union City, NJ 07087, USA - Union City
    the snow still needs to be removed from the sidewalk, thank you
  • S Wing Viad Union City, NJ, 07087, USA - Union City
    This truck had garbage falling out of this truck all the way down the viaduct. Cars and the bus i was on were swerving out of the way. They didn’t even stop to pick it up. They then proceeded to clean the 14th Street bridge.
  • 3501 John F. Kennedy Boulevard Union City, NJ - Union City
    Graffiti on Plexiglas between South St & Thorne St.
  • New York Ave Jersey City, New Jersey - Union City
    The stretch of New York Ave leading down to Hoboken from Ravine was done yesterday by the city. This am I walked the street again and it was cleaned and brush was cut. However it was left not the way it should have been. Who was overseeing this work? Garbage can still overflows, the debris left by the dumped bags was still in the dirt area, still some small garbage left and all the dirt left on the walkway for pedestrians to walk through. Since only 1 photo can be uploaded at a time I will need to reply multiple times
  • Garbage Open
    New York Avenue Jersey City, New Jersey - Union City
    Garbage on New York Ave from Ravine Road down to Hoboken. Once again this roadway is strewn with debris. Some of the street is publicly owned some is owned by Hoboken Brownstone who is starting construction of a new building. Please clean debris and cut weeds that is covering walkway. There is also graffiti on the full length of Hoboken brownstone fence.
  • 180–198 Manhattan Ave Union City 07087, United States - Union City
  • Pothole Open
    Hudson Ave Union City, NJ, 07087, USA - Union City
    Pothole on corner of 39th St Hudson ave. It’s very deep and it’s on a parking spot.
  • New Jersey 495 Union City, NJ 07087, USA - Union City
  • 2361 Jfk Boulevard Jersey City New Jersey - Union City
    Sidewalk is absent.