East Orange Service Request

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East Orange Service Request

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  • 287 Sanford Street East Orange, New Jersey - East Orange

    Backyard parking lot


  • Pothole Open
    Parkway Dr W & Rutledge Ave East Orange, NJ, 07017, USA - East Orange
    There are two massive potholes right next to each other in the middle of the road. They will cause serious damage to cars and can't be safely avoided.
  • Central Ave East Orange, New Jersey - East Orange
    The iron partitions are not holding! While driving across my vehicle sunk down into that hole and bounced back up! Very dangerous! The exact location is Central and Munn., East Orange, NJ
  • 158 Amherst Street East Orange, New Jersey - East Orange
    This light being out is a danger to my parents and family the houses in the area is dark as if we live in the backwoods of georgia
  • 406 South Harrison Street East Orange, New Jersey - East Orange
    There's a huge pothole between Kenwood and Elmwood Ave, on Harrison that if you hit it, will result in a flat tire, or two. It needs to be fixed as I blew out 2 tires
  • 434 Springdale Ave East Orange, NJ - East Orange
    Please clear the sidewalk, front walkway & steps as well as the path from the street to the sidewalk so that a car can eventually drive in/out.
  • 307 North Grove Street East Orange, New Jersey - East Orange
    On or about January 2018 the gas company came to 307 N. Grove Street (between Park and 4th Avenue) to fix the gas pipe and they had dig in the street, they patched it up but with the snow plowed and the heavy traffic it had opened up and now there is a big hole, its about 2 and a half feet long. Every time a car or a truck drives by, it makes the house shake and I am afraid that if the hole gets deep enough, it may damage the gas pipe again. I have attached a few pictures of the hole for your review. I am asking to please repair the street to cover the hole.
    Thank you.
    Wanda Wentworth
    3474327776 (cell phone)
  • 161 N Oraton Pkwy East Orange NJ 07017, United States - East Orange
    This house has a broken sewer line for a year! Raw sewage and used toilet paper leaks from the stopped up sewer line onto neighboring yards and flows down the sidewalk We have called the city and health departments multiple times
  • 197north 15 Th Street East Orange Nj - East Orange
    Water Coming Up From The Ground; Just sits in front of driveway; called water authority; went to the office; nothing has been done to fix the problem
  • 39–99 Grove Pl East Orange NJ 07017, United States - East Orange
    How does a city allow a car which was involved in an accident to remain parked in the same spot for over 2 mths. Don't cars need to move in order to have the street sweep go through I've called the East Orange PD 2x on this. I will be calling again .?
  • 183 4th Ave East Orange, NJ - East Orange
    Most of the street lights between 22st to grove st on 4th Ave are out of service.the streets are dark.
  • 302 Sanford St East Orange 07018, United States - East Orange