Carlos Jones Neighborhood

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Near West neighborhood, mostly Clark to Brooklyn Centre from Tremont to W 50th.

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  • 2000 Castle Avenue Cleveland, Ohio - Tremont
    There has been an ongoing infestation of bedbugs and roaches in this apartment complex. Extermination takes place ONLY ONCE EVERY 3 MONTHS!!!! I've contacted the health inspector, councilman and CMHA to currently NO AVAIL.
  • 2408-2498 Holmden Ave Cleveland, OH 44109, USA - Clark Fulton
    After donating plasma people will congregate next to the brick building and do drugs, drink, and urinate without caring who sees them. It's bad enough you have the mass amount of people hanging out at that plasma clinic without the overflow happening in front of our kids
  • 3737 Pearl Road Cleveland, Ohio - Brooklyn Center
    This specific ROAD HAZARD consist of a squared off hole in the center of the street (about 1.5 ft. deep with a manhole in the center of it). I've damaged my vehicle TWICE on the SAME whole within the past 2 months!! PLEASE FIX THIS A.S.A.P.! It's located directly across from the library in the middle lane. If you're headed south bound, you can't help but run over it daily!
  • Pothole Archived
    2319 Prame Avenue Cleveland, OH - Clark Fulton
    There is a large pothole forming in the street in front of 2319 Prame Avenue by the fire hydrant. When it is filled with water from rain it looks deceptively shallow and cars are hitting it pretty hard.
  • 3390 West 47th Street Cleveland, Ohio - Clark Fulton
    There are more random pot holes throughout this street than
    I can possibly count.! The worst cluster of potholes on this street starts at the Storer Avenue end of the street. Please make an effort to get some of these potholes filled. All of this streets residents will deeply appreciate it.
  • 2941-2999 West 30th Street Cleveland, Ohio - Ohio City-West Side
    Starting in the northbound lane at corner of Walton Avenue is a series of HUGE "cemetery plot-sized" pot holes stretching all the way to Wade Avenue. Seriously, there are more potholes in that one area then I can possibly count! Some of them are large enough to fit an adult sized bicycle in! PLEASE repair these a.s.a.p. or at least place some orange cones over there.
  • Bumpy Road Archived
    4503 Fenwick Avenue Cleveland, OH 44102, USA - Detroit Shoreway
    This needs fixed!
  • 2707-2709 Clark Ave - Clark Fulton
    Grass is over 20" high
  • pothole Archived
  • Rhodes Ct Cleveland, Ohio - Clark Fulton
    Street light out, Rhodes ct cleveland ohio 44109(alley way between sackett & Storer) my driveway is off this alleyway and the street light is out, please fix, we are unable to see at night, I have an elderly man (neighbor)that uses this alley too and it is very dark. thanks