Alderman Debra Silverstein

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Watching issues created after: 2011-05-03

Chicago's 50th Ward is being watched by Alderman Debra Silverstein

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  • 6047 N. Rockwell St. Chicago, IL - Chicago Ward 50
    Drivers ignore the stop sign on Rockwell @ Glenlake and/or break speed limit at dangerous levels in front of church. Elderly citizens cross the street frequently, many small children live in the block, and I have personally almost been hit twice. Accidents have occurred at this location as a result of speeding. Street is used as a shortcut to get to Peterson.
  • 3045 W Jarlath Chicago, IL - Chicago Ward 50
  • 3021 W Jarlath St Chicago, IL 60645, USA - Chicago Ward 50
    In the 3000 block alley between touhy and Jarlath there are two sewers that seem to be caving in and 3 larger size potholes. can someone check them out? They are in the alley...
  • 2617-2631 W Glenlake Ave Chicago, IL 60659, USA - Chicago Ward 50
    There is a large crown symbol spraypainted on a wall at the mouth of the alley.
  • 6455 North Talman Avenue Chicago, IL 60645, USA - Chicago Ward 50
  • 2600 W Devon Chicago, IL - Chicago Ward 50
    On Dec. 6th at approx. 9:45 p.m. my wife seriously injured herself at 2600 W Devon (NW corner of Devon and Rockwell) due to the condition of the sidewalk. This corner and area nearby is EXTREMELY HAZARDOUS to pedestrians and should be completely blocked off IMMEDIATELY!
  • 6511 N Talman Ave Chicago, IL 60645, USA - Chicago Ward 50
    The alley light behind 6511 N Talman Ave has been out for months. It is dark & dangerous. The garage door of one house in thbis area has been a repeated target for threatening grafitti. Please replace the light quickly.
  • 2400 Estes - Chicago Ward 50
    Yellow curb,no parking.
  • 2315 W Lunt Ave Chicago, IL 60645, USA - Chicago Ward 50
  • 6449 N Rockwell St Chicago, IL 60645, USA - Chicago Ward 50
    house has broken windows, graffiti and has become a dumping site for garbage. Property is an eyesore and a hazard as people sometimes break in to smoke and use drugs. please help!
  • 2707 W Devon Ave Chicago, IL - Chicago Ward 50
    I have called 311 repeatedly about this street light in the alley in between Fairfield and Washtenaw. It's on the wooden pole in the north alley off of Devon.
  • Abandoned Car Archived
    2601 W Coyle Ave Chicago, IL 60645, USA - Chicago Ward 50
    IL plate XHU-722, Toyota Corolla has been sitting here for 3 months. It's plates expire 5/11.