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  • 938-940 N Leavitt Rd Amherst, OH 44001, USA - Amherst
    Since they put the new lights in there is always traffic jams on this road now. Sat through four lights and still had to wait for the next three lights...
  • 1039 Dodge Drive Amherst, OH - Amherst
    It no longer serves it's initial purpose and needs to be removed. It is causing safety issues. City services have expressed similar concerns and the issues it causes to maintain.
  • 1999 Kresge Dr Amherst, OH 44001, USA - Amherst
    This area needs far more patrol. No one, and I mean NO ONE stops when exiting Giant Eagle, and it's a mess. I've had far too many close calls at this intersection, as well as seeing many others have close calls. Apparently the stop signs are not working here at all.
  • South Main And Tenney - Amherst
    As far as I can remember (I'm 22), the overpasses at South Main, Church, and West Streets have always looked horrible. The paint on them is chipping and they are rusting, and look absolutely terrible. With downtown Amherst being very presentable, why haven't these been repainted yet? Is this a problem with the railroad company? If I was the city, I'd threaten to sue the railroad company for blighting the city's appearance!
  • 401-699 Mill St Amherst, OH 44001, USA - Amherst
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  • 614 N Leavitt Rd Amherst, OH 44001, USA - Amherst
    The furniture store that has been holding their "going out of business" sale for the past three years is littering all four ramps on and off of Rt 2 with their signs. I counted 140 of them one Friday night. (burned them all). It is ugly. It is unsafe for any car that may need to pull to the side, and it is just plain littering.
  • Leavitt & Rte 2 Eastbound Off-Ramp. - Amherst
  • 1175 Cleveland Ave Amherst, OH 44001, USA - Amherst

    This is getting old... I see so many people flying through here to avoid the light. Why can't they wait like everyone else? I've had far too many close calls here when turning the corner and having someone pull right out in front of me that cut through the bank. This needs be fixed, and the solution is simple. Simply block off the drive thru when the bank closes, and put a gate up at the ATM and it will only open after you are done using the ATM.

    Simple as that!

  • 109 Cleveland Ave Amherst, OH 44001, USA - Amherst
    I thought this was illegal? Either way, it's gross and should be stopped. I don't like the fact that when I USED to go there, I would consistently choke on cigarette smoke. Nasty! I know a few other people that have complained about this as well. It's sad that I can't give business to a local service station because I gag everytime I go in there! I'll go to Speedway!
  • State Highway 58 Amherst, OH 44001, USA - Amherst
    This problem needs to be fixed! I deliver papers early in the morning and one of my stops is McDonald's. Upon leaving McDonald's, I am forced to wait 6-8 (Possibly 10?) minutes at a red light to turn left onto 58. These lights no longer operate off pressure pads... they now run off of cameras that watch traffic on 58, but not on the entrance to McDonald's/Rock Creek Run. Please fix this.... this is causing me to waste valuable time!
  • 8000 Oak Point Rd - Amherst
    When you are pulling out of the Target/Panera Bread area there are 2 lanes, one turning left and one turning right. The paint is so faded you can't see the lanes very well. When you are in the left turn lane, people coming into the road from Cooper Foster are way over left of center. I have almost gotten hit numerous times. Can someone paint them again?
  • Potholes Archived
    1116 Cooper Foster Park Rd Lorain, OH 44001, USA - Amherst
    Theres two deep potholes at the intersection of Rt 58 and Cooper Foster Park Road... Now theres more potholes there.