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  • Havemeyer Street At South 4th Street Brooklyn, NY 11213, USA - Williamsburg
    This intersection is dangerous to pedestrians and cyclists. No enforcement of vehicles' failure to yield to pedestrians. There are no crossing guards, elderly and children have to play chicken with cars and trucks in order to cross.
  • Berry St & N 13th Brooklyn, NY - City Council District 33
    Please fix the Tennis Courts - they are in such bad condition!
  • No Heat Open
    211 S 3rd St New York, NY 11211 - Williamsburg

    I hope you can be of help. I would like to file a formal complaint against my landlord, who has historically neglected to provide heat (to at least 68 degrees F when appropriate and indicated by nyc gov regs) and hot water for my apartment. I am hoping to reach a critical mas of unhappy tenants that want to vocalize the problem.

    The current problem -- for the last month we have had unreliable heat and hot water and 2 weekends ago we were told the boiler was broken and were left with out either for 4 days. In general, hot water and heat is usually made available in the morning, but ends at about 9:30 and then continues later in the afternoon (I know this because I can usually do dishes around 5PM).

    The ongoing issue: In terms of heat, I believe the heat is turned on in the evening so there is some during the night (still not 68 degrees) but all afternoon there is no heat. If all tenants were gone all day, I could understand this heat/hot water pattern, but there is no reason to assume that we are all gone and heat and hot water need only be provided on some kind of schedule that we have had no input on.

    After enduring these ongoing, sporadic heat and hot water issues ALL last winter, I have learned as tenants that we have rights to heat and hot water and want to make the best effort to ensure this does not happen again. Although I was told heat and hot water is provided, and always pay my rent on time, I have found myself an unfortunate victim of my landlord's neglect. It is rough being sick in the winter with no heat and this year I am pregnant so much more concerned.... I don't know why this is happening or what we can do. My husband called and were yelled at and accused of being liars. Please help!

  • Greenpoint Brooklyn, NY, USA - City Council District 33
    I have reported to the landlord many times and nothing has been fixed. The hot water is gone every morning and most evenings. If I do get hot water it is only warm not hot. I also have major leaks in my roof which have never even been atempted to be fixed.
  • Bedford Ave 197 Brooklyn, New York - City Council District 33
    there are too many scarfs on this corner. too many people with scarfs.
  • 214 North 7th Street Brooklyn, NY 11211, USA - City Council District 33
    People are actually diligent about not littering but there are just not enough trash cans at this intersection. At the end of every weekend they are all full to overflowing. It's disgusting. There need to be more cans put at this intersection.
  • 180 North 7th Street Brooklyn, NY 11211, USA - City Council District 33
    Church construction site not cleaning up garbage and litter
  • 76 N 4th St Brooklyn, NY 11211, USA - City Council District 34
    There is a street light that does not work in North 4th street between Wythe and Kent. Both surrounding buildings on this street have no exterior lighting. This combination of poor lighting leads to a very dark unsafe block on North 4th. As it is now you can barely see another person walking on the opposite side of the street at night time. This is unsafe. Repairing this street light would allow for a safer amount of light at night and lower the potential for crime on this street.
  • 294 Eckford St Brooklyn, NY 11222, USA - City Council District 33

    Just a wheel.


    307 Eckford St.
    Brooklyn, NY 11222 Reported to 311 by WNYC

  • 417 Metropolitan Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11211, USA - City Council District 33
    The light fixture with the left turn light (on corner of Capital One bank) does not light up when it is green to continue straight or to make left turn.
  • Grand St Brooklyn, NY - Williamsburg
    I was watching this traffic light yesterday and it randomly switches very fast. Like it will turn green, then within 2 seconds it will be red and the other lane will be green. I'm afraid it will cause an accident.
  • 113 N 3rd St Brooklyn, NY 11211, USA - City Council District 34
    Garbage cans are needed along berry street between metropolitan avenue and north 7 th street.